How To Make Awesome YouTube Video?

YouTube has become the world’s prominent search engine. It is a platform to share videos for your daily enthusiasm and entertainment. If you wish to succeed on YouTube in the future or have a keen eye for YouTube marketing, this blog is for you. 

Part 1: Planning

Your video should be planned. Only then will it hit the popular market and achieve your desired success.

Ask yourself:

  • Is your video hitting the right target audience?
  • Is the video aiming for solutions to the required problems?
  • Will the videos answer positively?
  • Are you using the right keyword necessary?
  • Which videos do you want to compete with?

Do Your Research:

Suppose your video fulfills the required expectations. Congratulations! You made it successfully to your audience.

You can make videos on trending topics, focus on respected keywords, and conduct rigorous research. 

Decide on Your Video Type:

Once you have worked on your topic, choose your style and type of video. Look at the most popular video type these days and make your decision. Many video types include live-action, screen recording, tutorials, etc.

Write a Script:

Writing a script is a necessary part of the video. Even if writing a script is impossible, jot down your important points and highlight topics.

The script is the base of your video. The script is going to reach your audience and will help you to successfully collect ideas. 

Create a Storyboard:

Creating a storyboard is like the visual sequence of the story. A storyboard enhances your quality and brings a huge difference to your story structure. It is a preparation that you require in your video quality. 

Choose a location: 

Your location is the ultimate background of your video. Pick your location in accordance with your topic.

In accordance with your comfortability, you can use your home as a background for a perfect location. A good location with plenty of light and fewer people is perfect for your video.

Part 2: Mass creation:

If you wish to make a video that is eye-catching and brings a lot of positive responses, you need to invest in technical equipment. Your video equipment can be divided into four hubs mainly:

  • Video technology
  • Audio apparatus
  • Lightning
  • Recording

Video technology:

A video camera is the solid base of the Youtube channel. You can focus on a DSLR or a mirrorless camera. DSLRs are at the upper hand as they produce good quality videos over mirrorless cameras.

Audio Equipment:

Your camera and the perfect audio bring you the perfect video. Condenser, dynamic, and lavalier microphones are the three categories you can concentrate on YouTube. 


 The natural light in your video is what makes it stand out from others. There are five different components to your lighting scheme, mainly key and rim light, Shapers, triggers, and reflectors. 


What remains is a proper recording of the video. Use the best equipment, and your content is ready.

Part 3: Editing

After you’ve recorded your footage, time to go back to the drawing table to fine-tune your footage during post-production.

There are many aspects to consider editing the video. In this article, we’ll cover four essential elements that can assist you in improving the quality of YouTube videos:

Choose a proper editing software

First, you’ll need professional online video editing software that allows you to upload all your footage, stitch it together in the order you’d like your story to unfold, color grade the videos, add voiceover music, and much more.

Done well; all of this can increase the final quality of your videos.

Create a Proper Intro & Outro

Some of the most well-known YouTubers on the platform will likely have an intro and outro that they use to promote their videos using a video editor tool.

You could question their use and ask if they get in the way or influence the viewers’ viewing experience.

The answer is easy. For those who stumble onto your channel for the first time, introductions serve to inform them precisely about the person you are and the purpose of your channel. So, they’ll know what they can expect and the reason to subscribe to your channel’s content.

In the same way, outros can encourage viewers to take specific actions, such as subscribing to your channel or viewing other related videos. They can also be an excellent method to reinforce your brand.

Animations, effects, memes, and text can be added

To improve the quality of your YouTube videos, it is possible to include animations or icons, effects, transitions,  memes, and text boxes in the video. As to adding memes, you can use a meme generator tool for much better results in your videos.

These elements allow the video to be more enjoyable and a lot more interactive since the viewer can be able to follow what pops onto the screen.

Text is an additional essential element of YouTube videos. Text can be used as subtitles with hardcoded text in your videos, or you can use them creatively to make titles, headings, lower thirds, and more.

Insert Music, Sound, and narration

Another aspect you’ll likely need to add to your videos is background music. The music you select will add emotions to your story and ensure that your audience is glued to their screens. If you are having a hard time selecting the best music that fits the content of your videos, definitely a music video maker is the best tool that you can get help with.

YouTube offers a free library of music where you can choose the music to be added to your videos without the chance of a copyright strike.

You might include a voiceover in your video based on the kind of content you’re creating. Simply join the audio clip with your video, then edit it in a manner that helps tell your story.

Part 4: Publishing

Export the edited file in the highest resolution and prepare it for publishing, depending on your video’s size and quality. 

Your video should have a regular publishing checklist which includes:

  • Title: The title is the main catchy section of your video. Ensure you have an interesting title to hook the audience to your video.
  • Meta Description of your video: The meta description gives the key content of your video. It is the video description that compels the viewer to watch your video. 
  • Thumbnail: Your thumbnails should have catchy and crisp content.
  •  A Youtube tag: It is used for correcting common grammatical errors or spelling errors.  
  • Subtitles: Subtitles bring the content to a wider audience and prevent language barrier. 
  • During your videos, viewers receive cards which are small notifications or prompts. To ensure relevance between many videos and to let your audience know that they do not need to go elsewhere for answers to their other questions, you often do this.

Once you are satisfied with your video, you can upload it to different websites for its education and popularity. 

Engage With Your Audience:

You should engage your audience for healthier and more popular communication. Share your update and connect with them. Express your purpose in the video and make it worth watching.  

Share Your Videos Forums:

You can connect with your audience through different forums. Post your videos and respond to your regular questions. This will help you to promote an engaging and interesting community.

Part 5: Promotion

Promotion is a key feature in your video. Ensure you promote your videos effectively to reach a vast audience. 

Share your videos on different social sites:

Upload your video on social media and enhance the reach of your audience with likes and comments. 

Paid Promotions:

You can boost your videos through paid promotions. All you need to do is prepare and promote your content through the labeled options. Configure it, and google is ready for a quick background check for your target audiences. 


Create content that is worth the value and time, and work on it consistently so that it drives you to keep going. Work on a regular theme and have a clear idea in regard to the purpose of the channel. If you have the motivation to work on it relentlessly, you will be able to grow your channel and reach the right target audience. 

This blog is an effective way to make awesome videos. Follow the tips and work on them regularly. Record your video first and wait for the success of the video patiently. 

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