Will IPhone 14 Launch At The Same Price As IPhone 13 In India?

It feels like Apple is considering offering the 14th series of iPhones at one similar cost as their 13th series of iPhones. The newest report indicates that the beginning cast of the upcoming model of iPhone 14 can be approximately 80,000 rupees. And in this launch, there will be no version of mini. Instead, the brand plans to launch one fresh variant of the Max. That can sit right in the middle of the model of 14 Pro by iPhone and their standard.

As per one post by the user named “yeux1122” on a Korean blog called Naver, the company is not planning to up the cost of its 14th series of iPhone to allure more consumers to make more excellent sales despite chain restrictions along with high inflation.

The post by MacRumors 1st spotted says the determination was generated by “the higher executives” of Apple because of one international smartphone market that is stagnant along with declining demand.

More On Cost Of The Upcoming iPhone 14 Launch

The cost of the 14th series of iPhones is 799 dollars in the United States of America. That is approximately 63200 rupees in India if converted. However, the mobile device will likely not be priced that affordably in India. Because the charges of import duties and GST, among a couple of other things, need to be considered. Also, this brand typically sets 1 dollar as 100 rupees.

However, since the cost in the United States of America is somewhat around the 13th series of iPhone from last year, a similar thing is most likely to take place in the market of India as well. The 13th series of iPhone was introduced for 79,990 rupees, and the 14th series of iPhone can also be accessible at a similar price point.

Speculated Release Date Of The Upcoming iPhone 14 Launch

However, the brand has yet to announce the official cost along with other information about the 14th series of iPhones. That is anticipated to happen in the upcoming month. The brand is anticipated to reveal a fresh set of mobile devices on the 13th of September. Even though an insider has said, the 13th of September release event has been shifted.

The model iPhone 14 by Apple in 2022 will open on th3 16th of September. After the release, the company is probably going to cut the price point of the 13th series of iPhone, similar to the thing made sure with the 12th series of iPhone in the year 2021.

Regarding the specifications, most of the characteristics were already exposed on the internet before this rumored release. That is going to take place in September of the year 2022. The iPhone 14, along with the Max variant, received power from a chipset of A15 from last year, while the model of Pro can involve the fresh A16 SoC beneath their hood. The models of non-Pro are created to give the similar setup of dual rear camera people saw in their variant of the Year 2021. However, The 14th series of iPhone, along with the Max variant, features a fresh setup of 48 inches in the presence of 3 rear camera lenses.

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