Why my web stories are not showing in discover in Search console?

Discover by Google provides users with one different method to search. In reality, it is not a proper search. It is a query-less discovery of content that goes well with an individual’s preferences and interests. It recommends fresh content relying on an individual’s interaction and search activity with the application of Discover by Google. And it understands what the user like. This is why it can offer even more improved content or material the next they use it. But if the question is: “Why my web stories are not showing in discover in search console? Then let us see the answer.

What is Discover by Google?

Discover by Google is one mobile experience. It lets a user discover content they did not even know they required. It is one contrasting search experience. That means the searching is, for the most part, gone. When the system understands enough about a user, it can easily keep modifying to keep the new content flowing.

Google recommends content for one user depending on their search activity along with activity discovered on their device. It appears on their web hunts along with application activity and also on their location history along with their settings regarding location. In addition, they can track certain subjects or particular entities. Especially when they wish to build up their profile and set restrictions on which Discoveries an individual must come across.

Discover by Google is one innovative tool as it learns how one searches and what they like to offer the users the most excellent and timely outcomes for their requirements. On top of that, Discover by Google does that without a user searching for it.

The Discover by Google experience receives new data all the time. Not so long ago, Google offered Web Stories to that feed. That is helpful as Web Stories are one excellent method to attract eyeballs to particular kinds of content. The reason behind that is their mobile-oriented form. More on this later in the column. Also, Google is examining one upcoming feature. It lets users follow their web page to notice fresh content in the Discovery feed. For that, Google utilizes the Atom or RSS feed of the web page. So the user has to make sure to link and activate that properly.

Reasons behind Discover by Google not working correctly

Things that influence web stories not showing in discover in search console are

  1. Not evolving content.
  2. Not uploading content regularly.
  3. Not improving trustworthiness, expertise, and authoritativeness.
  4. Not backing up the entities in the presence of structured data.
  5. Not making it noticeable.
  6. Not improving the overall web page.
  7. Poor performance of Discover by Google.
  8. Search Console.

Test and improve

In this column, the reader received a couple of insights into how Discover by Google works and what they can perform to get in. We hope those insights assist them in making the most of their work. Another thing they are required to recall is that Discover by Google is one living and breathing thing. It is entirely based on what they feed it. 

The things one comes across differ from what their friends come across. This makes it challenging to anticipate success. Experimenting, testing, along with fine-tuning is the method to success if web stories are not showing in discover in the search console.

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