WhatsApp To Implement ‘login Approval’ To Avoid Hacking

WhatsApp is concentrating on one new security feature. It will make WhatsApp even more challenging for a malicious individual to hack into another person’s account. This characteristic is named login approval as per the sources. The source added that this aspect would notify the user when any unknown mobile device is trying to go into their profile, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Gmail. This will protect a user from hacking attempts by not letting malicious individuals access that user’s personal WhatsApp data. WhatsApp login approval is must to prevent hacking.

WhatsApp Is Focusing On The Feature Of ‘Login Approval’

As per the source, this login approval feature will roll out for IOS and Android users. This feature will provide in-app alarms to users when they attempt to log in to any account on this platform. According to the shared screenshot in a report, this alarm will show the timing of any attempt made along with which model or mobile device. In addition, users will be provided options to “Do not allow” or “allow.” That login will be feasible when the user agrees with that request. Since this feature is currently in progress, it is not yet declared when it will launch for WhatsApp users.

On top of that, another recent source of WABetaInfo has declared that this application’s developers are testing new emoji reactions for Status. But for now, there are just eight pre-defined emojis that a user could utilize. Those emojis involve the Smiling Face in the presence of Heart-Eyes, Hundred Points, Party Popper, Clapping Hands, Folded Hands, Crying Face, Face in Tears of Happiness along the Face in the presence of Open Mouth.

For the inexperienced, WhatsApp now permits users to reply with any emoticons they wish while responding to one text on this platform. That was previously restricted to only five emoticons that involved the laughing face, heart, sad face, thumbs up, and smiling face.

On top of that, this app is also developing one new feature that will permit the users to go through the past part takers of one group. This company has been developing this new feature in the presence of iOS. Currently, this new aspect is being moved to the beta testers of Android WhatsApp. Apart from seeing who used to be a participant of a group on WhatsApp in the past, the app will also prevent highlighting the part takers who have exited a group chat.

Other Updates From WhatsApp 

This instant messaging network recently grew the authority of a group admin by permitting them to eliminate any text in their group.

The app has rolled out one feature for an Android user to respond to any status update with those eight emojis. The smiling Face in the presence of heart-eyes, hundred points, party popper, clapping hands, folded hands, crying face, face in the presence of tears of happiness along the face in the presence of an open mouth.

WhatsApp is developing one aspect with the beta users of Android along with ‘ whatsapp login approval’ to let them witness ‘past participants’ of any group who was removed or left in the past two months. As per WABetaInfo, this aspect is not only for the admins of a group but for each part taker of a group.

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