What Is The Time Limit To Delete The Whatsapp Chat Messages Now?

If an individual sends any incorrect text on WhatsApp, the app will let the user unsend text utilizing the eliminate for everybody feature. But this aspect is limited to only 1 hour. What about text older than an hour? How can a user delete WhatsApp chat messages for everybody after that time limit? The Reader is going to find the answer of time limit to delete whatsapp chat message.

Delete WhatsApp Chat Messages Way After The Set Time Limit With Android

To delete text messages on WhatsApp after the set time restriction, the thought is to trick this app into understanding that the user did not cross its time restriction of one hour to eliminate. Yet what is the way of doing that?

By altering the time and date of the mobile device very close to the text time (before one hour), the user can trick this chatting app into eliminating texts from everybody after that time limit.

Let us say one user sent the text on the 21st June of the year 2022 at 7.00 a.m. They will be required to keep that time and date to the 10th June of the Year 2021 at a.m or something less than this. Doing so will assist them in utilizing the delete for everybody feature of WhatsApp even after the set time limit.

These Procedures In Detail Eliminate WhatsApp Text After The Set Time Limit With Android

Launch the app on any Android. Then open the thread of chat from which the user wishes to eliminate the text.

Note down and check the precise time and date of the text when that was sent. The individual is going to see that time displayed next to their text. They have to scroll up one bit for the date and track down the 1st date they come across in the center of their chat.

Now, they are required to switch off each of the network’s connections on their mobile device. Then they have to go to Settings to switch off their WiFi under network or connections and mobile data. They can also switch that off from their Quick Settings.

Then after disabling mobile data and WiFi, they are required to eliminate WhatsApp from their Recent list of apps. Opt for Settings > Applications > WhatsApp. Click on the option of Force Close.

Then on their Android, tap on Settings, System, and Date and time. Next, switch off a toggle next to the ‘Use network-activated time’ or ‘Automatic date and time. Once they change their time and date, they have to open their chat thread on WhatsApp, from which they wish to eliminate their text for everybody.

Touch and then hold the text to eliminate it. Next, click on the icon of Delete. Click on the option of Delete for everyone. Then, they must change the time and date to the authentic settings. 

Toggle on Network-provided or Automatic time.

Open their WhatsApp, and they will see that they deleted their text in the place of their “time limit of delete WhatsApp chat messages”.

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