What Are New Features Of Android 13 Beta 4- Download Links

In only a few weeks, Android 13 will be released! The final Beta 4 update for testing and development of the next android version has been released today. Now would be the time to ensure that your applications are ready for the upcoming holiday season!

Among the new features in Android 13 are privacy measures such as the new notification permissions and picture picker, productivity tools like themed apps and the per language support, and the latest standards like HDR video, Classic Bluetooth Audio, or MIDI 2.0 via USB. You now have more robust tools to use tablets and significant screen devices due to the modifications we made in 12L.

By signing up for over-the-air updates here, you can get a taste of Beta 4 on your Pixel smartphone right now. You’ll instantly get the most recent information if you’ve already signed up. Several partners also provide the Beta 13 Beta on a limited number of devices. Details may be found on the Android 13 development website. The official Ios 13 release is coming shortly, so keep an eye out for updates!

What is New About Version 4.0’s Beta?

The Android Emulator and Pixel devices have received a beta version of Android 13 as part of today’s update. All app-facing surfaces, comprising SDK and NDK APIs, android system behaviours, and limits on non-SDK interfaces, have been finalized in Beta 3 of the platform. Beta 4 includes all of these enhancements and the most recent fixes and optimizations.

Preparation Is Essential Here

We’re urging all app & game developers to do their final testing and upload their compatibility upgrades ahead of the actual Android 13 release, which is just around the corner. Upstream creators of apps and games may be prevented from working on their projects until they get your compatible upgrades. This SDK, library, tool, and game bro engine developers must deliver theirs as soon as possible.

Just install your app on a smartphone android Based 13 Beta 4 or go through the app’s functions and UI to see if there are any technical or UI problems. Examine all of the app’s behaviour changes in Android 13 to see if there are any that might impact your app. Changes to look for include these:

Make sure your app conceals critical data, such as passwords and credit card numbers, from the new clipboard preview in Android 13. There’s more information on this page. Now JobScheduler attempts to predict when the app will be launched, and it will perform any prefetch tasks connected with that time before that time. You should verify that prefetch tasks are operating as intended if you utilize them. There’s a lot more information here.

Don’t forget to check the compatibility of your app’s libraries and SDKs. To resolve any difficulties with the SDK, you may either contact the developer directly or update to the most recent version of the SDK.

You may begin updating your app’s targetSdkVersion after you’ve released a suitable version of your present app. Ensure your app is compatible with Android 13’s new features and check for bugs using the framework’s compatibility checker.

Start Using Android 13 Right Now

All the tools you’ll need to put your app through its paces and experiment with Android 13 are included in today’s Beta 4 release. You must sign up for Over-the-Air (OTA) on your Pixel smartphone to obtain the update. To begin, download and install the App 13 SDK.

Android 13 Beta may be tested on several of our partners’ devices. If you’d like to view the complete list of partners, as well as links to the sites of those partners and information on the devices or Beta builds they support (including the first one), go to android.com/beta.

The Beta updates will be sent directly to you by each partner, and you will be able to enlist and get assistance from each of them. Alternatively, you may test Beta 4 using Android GSI images via the Android Emulator if you don’t have a device. The Android 13 development site has all the information you’ll need.

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