According to a report by PeckShield, a security company,, a crypto exchange that stopped taking withdrawals yesterday, had roughly $4.8 million stolen from its hot wallet in a possible assault.

Many coins were detected moving from's wallet to another, as evidenced by the on-chain data. Almost all but five of such tokens have indeed been sold at this address since the publishing date.

On several decentralized exchanges on Tuesday, the tokens sold for a combined total of $3.65 million for 2,224 ETH.'s wallet was initially transferred to a wallet under the control of the alleged hacker, which still holds about $1 million worth of those final five tokens. shortly halted customer withdrawals on Tuesday during the suspected hacking event. So, many exchanges hacked these days, originally, was one of the initial crypto exchanges to enter the market. China's ban on crypto exchanges in 2017 prompted several businesses to leave the country.