Old investors like Safemoon and Shiba inu are investing in Catechin, a famous joke coin that just burnt 15% of its supply.

Safe moon whales are purchasing catechin tokens and shifting them to cold wallets, as shown by on-chain transactions.

Many investors' confidence was boosted due to this fire, and they began to bet on Catechin for the long run. Catechin used up more than 20% of its supply in the previous six months, so whales began purchasing it.

Catechin aims to become more than simply a token of the internet's zeitgeist. Catechin is built using one of the most adaptable programs for storing and managing all digital assets currently available.

It is possible to swap cryptocurrencies without ever leaving the Catechin wallet. In addition, users may access hundreds of popular decentralized applications via the service (dApps).

Avax, Polygon, Fantom, and ERC20 are just a few prominent tokens supported by the Catechin wallet.