Tegro, a project where users can purchase and sell Web3 game assets, is being constructed by WazirX Co-founder Siddharth Menon and Nischal Shetty. They established India's biggest crypto exchange by volume.

In addition to Pune-based game designer SuperGaming and Roby John, Sanket Nadhani, or Navneet Waraich, Tegro was created in 2022.

Siddharth expects Tegro to serve as an entry point into Web3 game investing, just as WazirX has done for thousands of consumers.

"Any industry's capital inflow problem must be addressed. In an interview, Siddharth tells. "We believe as in Web3 gaming sector and developing a centralized market, where professional and institutional traders could invest & trade in-game assets."

TEGRO is confident that it can help games properly implement F.T.s to achieve high usefulness, consistent liquidity and long-term sustainability.

'Tegronomics', an economic liberalization framework for producing sustainable Web3 games, has been developed by the firm as an ecosystem facilitator.