Apple debuted the newest iPad model, the 9th generation, back in September of that year. Next-generation iPads will be available later this year, according to the manufacturer.

However, CAD renderings of the iPad 2022 have been uncovered, showing its design before a formal announcement is made. MySmartPrice was the only site to provide the CAD renderings.

We get our first glimpse at the 10th-generation iPad or its design in all its beauty in these photographs.

However, CAD renderings do not support previous rumors that this tablet would eventually use the USB C standard for both charging and data transmission.

With the front cam on top and Touch ID at the bottom of the display, the next-generation iPad looks a lot like the 9th generation iPads.

There are also significant bezels on each of the four corners of the screen. The back of the phone is seen to have a single rear camera sensor, much as the previous model.