Deloitte survey results show that three-quarters of U.S. shops aim to accept cryptocurrency or stablecoin payments over the next two years.

According to the study, over two-thirds of significant retailers with annual sales above $500 million are presently investing at least $1 million in the necessary infrastructure to make this happen.

Those findings were made public by Deloitte and PayPal in their joint paper, "Merchants Getting Ready for Crypto."

Between December 3 to December 16, 2021, while crypto values were still soaring, the study interviewed 2,000 senior managers at US firms; however, the findings have recently been disclosed.

Seventy-three per cent of retailers with sales between $10 million to $100 million are spending between $100,000 and $1 million to provide the necessary infrastructure, as are small and medium-sized businesses.

After then, Deloitte predicts that expenditure will only go up over the next several years. More than 60% of merchants anticipate spending more than $500,000 in the coming year to December to support crypto payments.