Users of internet-connected "hot" wallets have reported monies being taken from the Solana blockchain, which is becoming more popular because of its fast transactions.

According to the Solana Status Twitter account, an unidentified party has stolen cash from 7,767 wallets reports on the network as of 5 a.m.

Blockchain security company SlowMist discovered that more than 8,000 accounts had been depleted. Estimates put the damage at roughly $8 million so far.

Solana seems to be the sole victim of the assault, which has hit only "hot" wallets, which are constantly linked to the internet, making it easy for individuals to store and transfer tokens.

Wallets that have been idle for less than six months have been targeted by the attacker, according to @0xfoobar, a crypto expert.

Slope said that they are "currently trying to sort out the problem, while Magic Eden urged users to deactivate access for any suspicious URLs in Phantom wallet.