Top 7 settings you must check out in IPhone 14/pro/pro max?

iPhone 14 Pro Max, along with the iPhone 14 Pro, have begun to reach consumers around the globe. For the individuals who have updated to one of the iOS mentioned above mobile devices, we have compiled one chart of the top 7 settings you must check out in Iphone 14/pro/pro max below.

New Settings for models of the 14th iPhone Pro

  • Activation of 48MP ProRAW pictures

The models of the 14th iPhone Pro have one updated system of rear Cameras that can capture 48-megapixel pictures but just in the mode of ProRAW. Users can activate that in the application of settings of the Camera. Then they have to go to formats to pick out the option of Apple ProRAW in the presence of the resolution fixed at 48MP. In the application of the Camera, one option named RAW is going to show up on the upper right side to switch off or on the ProRAW simply.

ProRAW pictures retain a bunch of detail in the photo folder for more flexibility regarding editing. However, proRAW pictures in the presence of 48 megapixels are huge folders that stand at approximately 75 MB each. So the individual has to be careful when it comes to the storage space of the iPhone when they are capturing pictures in this mode.

  • Activate the mode of 4K cinematic

On all of the models of the 14th iPhone, the mode of Cinematic videos can now be captured in 4K. To activate the greater resolution in the Settings application, the user has to click on Camera. Then go to the option of Record Cinematic to pick out 4K at twenty-four frames per second or 4K at thirty frames per second.

The mode of cinematic features one depth effect in the presence of automatic focus shift for cinema-type videos. It was originally introduced with the lineup of the 13th iPhone.

  • Optimize the mode of action for dim light

All of the 14th iPhone models feature one fresh mode called Action. This will adjust with significant vibrations, motion and shakes for the videos to appear smoother. The brand has stated that the users can utilize this feature to capture video while off-roading in one vehicle, hot filming one runner, and so much more.

The user can find a switch for the mode of action Action in the upper left side of the Camera application for videos. In the application of settings, the user can optimize the mode of action for dim light background. First, they must go to the Camera application and click on the recording video. Then they have to pick out the mode of action for dim light.

  • Automatically send a text with Siri

Siri typically requests confirmation before it sends out one text to somebody. So 4th on our list of top 7 settings you must check out in Iphone 14/pro/pro max is in the 16th version of IOS. There is one fresh choice to jump over the step of confirmation. The user has to click on Siri and search and then enable the option of automatically sending texts.

  1. Add one icon of battery percentage to the status bar.
  2. Switch on the haptic feedback for the keyboard.
  3. Switch on one startup sound.

A couple of the features we have mentioned in this top 7 settings you must check out in Iphone 14/pro/pro max are exclusive for the models of the 14th iPhone Pro. Also, a couple of them were launched on the 16th version of IOS for a greater range of iOS mobile devices.

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