The Role Of Technology In Human Trafficking And Sexual Exploitation

The role of technology in human trafficking and sexual exploitation? The global trade in enslaved people generates billions of dollars annually. Depriving someone of their independence to exploit them is what we mean when we say they have been “trafficked.” Human traffickers use their victims using physical violence, deception, and compulsion.

It’s A Worldwide Issue That’s Just A Growing Problem

Laws, police, and public understanding have often lagged behind the pace at which the internet’s harmful effects have emerged. In other places, the danger has not been emphasised, or there are not enough funds to invest in protections to protect youngsters and the elderly online.

There must be a unified international reaction since this is a worldwide issue. While there are methods for addressing this problem, they are mostly limited to dealing with graphic depictions of sexual abuse of children. They are not used against other sexual exploitation and trafficking types on the internet. This creates a lack of preventative efforts, especially for young women. Combating sexual exploitation in cyberspace cannot be done country-by-country; instead, it is a worldwide issue that requires a global solution bolstered by robust linked national response systems. There are legal agencies for models, you can check them here- PagineLuciROSSE, it is better to hire models from legal agencies where you get receipts on email.

There are various obstacles that the global reaction must overcome. For example, any website, whether run by a worldwide corporation or one designed to assist exploitation, may host data on servers in many countries. A further difficulty is striking a balance between the need for legislation that protects the most vulnerable citizens from exploitation and the protection of individual liberties, such as privacy or freedom of speech.

It’s easy to feel helpless in the face of the seemingly infinite scope and proliferation of internet exploitation. Yet, we can’t afford to give up hope. Positive applications of technology exist. Microsoft’s photo DNA, Spotlight, and AI technologies are just a few fantastic solutions to this problem. To put a stop to the sexual exploitation of children, organisations such as Thorn exist to use technology to its fullest extent. To combat exploitation, we must hasten technological advancements and promote creativity at every turn.

Traffickers Can Use Transportable Technology To Their Advantage

Police said that the ease of using technology is why traffickers are turning to it. Many smartphone functions, like GPS tracking and applications that lock a device remotely, are accessible even to a trafficker with little academic knowledge.

There are several applications for smartphones, notepads, and computers. Every facet of CSE, from communication to monitoring to cash collection or transfer to collaborative exploitation, may be facilitated by a single device small enough to carry in a pocket and small pocketbook. While some traffickers have a desktop pc, they are far better off using more mobile devices like laptops, notepads, and cellphones.

When money is portable, it may be exchanged between anybody and anywhere at any time. Connecting with a possible buyer, setting up a meeting time and place, and agreeing on the parameters of the day (donation amount, service, etc.) can all be done on the victim’s phone before they ever meet in person, eliminating the need for the victim to stand on the street corner and hustle a “date.” The victim and trafficker may make calls utilising applications or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), eliminating the requirement for a landline.

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