One Of Your Next Whatsapp Status Updates Can Include A Voice Message

Status was among the most exciting elements of WhatsApp when it was initially published in 2009. Users may enter any text in the box beside their name instead of simply Available or Busy. Whatsapp Status soon became the most popular method of letting your friends and family understand what was happening in your daily routine.

The Status feature was reworked on WhatsApp in 2017. Compared to Snapchat or Instagram Stories, WhatsApp’s “About” section is now a “Stories” section. At first glance, Whatsapp may seem to be nothing more than a Snapchat clone, but the app’s unique feature set sets it apart.

What Is The Purpose Of Whatsapp Status?

After 24 hours, all status updates you’ve posted will be lost in the ether of WhatsApp. It is possible to post images, videos, links, and GIFs. You’ll feel perfectly at home if you understand how to utilize Instagram Stories. How to see a friend’s Whatsapp and make changes to your own will be second nature to you in no time.

WhatsApp Status may only be used between two people who already have contact information recorded in their address books by default. Status messages are only visible to those whose phone numbers you’ve stored in your contacts.

Snapchat was the first to pioneer the idea of sharing “stories” — photos, videos, and text — that would vanish after a day and then be imitated by Instagram and every app conceivable. Instagram and Facebook Stories aren’t the only places where Meta added the feature; the “status” updates in WhatsApp are also extremely similar to what we see in Instagram and Facebook Stories.

A new feature is in the works that will allow you to record a voice message and upload it as a status update. According to data obtained by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp seems to be developing the feature to allow users to record and submit audio messages to their WhatsApp status. Assumably, the app will allow you to record an audio message once the functionality is available, similar to how you can already do inside a conversation.

However, we haven’t seen any indication that this includes uploading current audio files (because you can already send them as WhatsApp messages). Your WhatsApp status updates will be shared with your contacts using the same privacy settings as photographs and videos and end-to-end encryption for all voice chats.

Not just WhatsApp is experimenting with voice postings. Despite Twitter’s testing of voice messages on iOS for some while now, the capability is yet to be rolled out widely to the general population. Whatsapp’s use of audio messages in statuses seems more like a logical extension of a status option, as the program has already allowed voice messaging for many years.

This function is currently under construction and is not available to anybody, not even beta testers; if you want can record a 4-minute tirade and upload it to your status. Users in the phone’s beta will probably get it before it’s sent to everyone else.

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