Nothing Phone 1 vs Apple iphone 13 Specs Comparison- Which Phone To Buy?

Nothing is the new smartphone company founded by Carl Pei, who is also the co-founder of OnePlus, which has eventually uncovered its debut mobile device, Phone 1 by Nothing. In this column, our experts have gone through Nothing Phone 1 vs iPhone 13 to understand the more improved smartphone.

Here our experts compared two flagship mobile devices, the Phone 1 by Nothing in the presence of 6.55 inches and the 778G Plus Qualcomm Snapdragon that was introduced on the 12th of July of 2022, which means against the 13th Apple iPhone. It is powered by the A15 Bionic by Apple. It came out 40 weeks ago. In this column, the reader will find weaknesses, strengths, full specs, and tests on each mobile device.

Reasons To Think About The Phone 1 By Nothing Phone

  1. A higher refresh rate of display 120 Hz.
  2. Arrives in the presence of a 1273 mAh bigger battery capacity of 3227 vs. 4500 mAh.
  3. A new version of Bluetooth with v5.2.
  4. Has one 0.45-inch bigger screen size. 
  5. Utilizes one faster kind of memory in the presence of LPDDR5. 
  6. Fingerprint scanner.
  7. Has two slots for a SIM card.

Reasons To Think About The 13th IPhone By Apple

  1. Forty percent improved performance in the Benchmark of AnTuTu. Which is 581K vs. 812K.
  2. Delivers 25 percent higher peak brightness 668 vs. 838 nits.
  3. IP68 classification in the presence of one Waterproof body.
  4. Apple introduces software updates and supports their mobile devices a couple of years more than Others.
  5. Prepared for the technology of eSIM.

The Takeaway from iPhone 13 vs. Nothing Phone 1

At the end of the day, when an individual is looking for one budget-friendly mobile device with one transparent backside panel that permits them to see the interior of their mobile device, that is the mobile device for them. Of course, Phone 1 by Nothing outperforms the 13th iPhone regarding weight, power, and battery life.

But, the 13th iPhone outperforms the Phone 1 by Nothing regarding the body frame, display size, storage capacity, GPU, and Chipset. If the user is one creative worker or one gamer, then the 13th iPhone is one must-have. This mobile device features one massive ProMotion screen for macro photography, gaming, video support of ProRes, one camera in the presence of 3x zoom, and practically unlimited battery life.

A Phone 1 by Nothing Phone has not gone through the whole testing process of our experts yet. However, this mobile device has already become the champion as it has impressed the experts in several areas.

Such as in the presence of its unique LED design and rapid fast charging. But, since photography capabilities, performance, and battery life, are three essential aspects that the vast majority of the consumers are going to prioritize if they are picking out this new mobile device, our gadget experts are going to be required to pay significant focus to these to compare this to the 13th iPhone.

Hopefully, the comparison of Nothing Phone 1 vs iPhone 13 is going to assist The Reader in picking out the most suitable mobile device for them.

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