New Battery Percentage Feature Arrives in Apple iOS 16

A few days ago, in the presence of the 16th beta’s developer, Apple announced iOS 5. This makes a few adjustments, but anybody who has spent time on Twitter knows that there is really just one subject that everyone wants to discuss. This marks the return of the battery percentage indicator.

It is now possible to see exactly how much percentage of battery any iPhone has left without pulling down its shade of control center for the first time since the firm dropped this indicator in 2017 to supply the notch feature of the iPhone x. Let’s learn more about the percentage of battery life indicators.

A member of Apple’s developer beta program may add this indication to their status bar by selecting Settings and then Battery from their device’s main menu. There, they’ll see a single new switch labeled “Battery Percentage.” The last icon is somewhat more significant than the ones on the screen thus far. When people charge their iPhone, the icon will change color to green and display a lightning bolt next to the percentage of battery life remaining.

After connecting an iPhone to a power source, the icon will change to green and show a lightning bolt next to the remaining battery life. The indicator turns yellow when the iPhone is about to enter its more energy-efficient low-power mode.

How To Access It? 

This upcoming characteristic by this mobile brand exhibits the percentage of the battery on the status icon of the mobile device that can be turned on from the Battery section in the Settings application.

This choice of displaying the battery percentage is not accessible on the 12th iPhone, 11th iPhone XR, and 13th mini. The users are also going to note that it is potential that this feature might not make its position into the eventual launch of the much anticipated 16th iOS.

The following variant of Apple’s device operating system will come out later in the year 2022. Some of the more noticeable aspects Apple has declared at the WWDC of the Year 2022 involve fresh and customizable choices for the lock screen, the capability of recalling and editing messages in I message, and real-time notifications named Live Activities.

Fresh Find Your Sound

When any user utilizes the option of “Play Sound” in the application of Find My for any of their mobile devices, the model iPhone has one fresh music that plays. It is a little bit louder and distinct from all the sounds accessible in the presence of the previous variant of the 16th iOS.

Emergency Call

If a user presses and holds on their side switch or rapidly presses to get to their emergency screen, the “Emergency SOS” will be renamed “Emergency Call.”


When an individual takes one screenshot, edits it, and then clicks on “Done,” there is one fresh choice of “Copying and Deleting” that screenshot rather than only deleting it.

These were all the other potential features that will be accessible in iOS 16, along with the new battery percentage feature.

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