List Of Best Top International NFT Companies Who Entered In India For Business In 2022?

In recent years, NFTs have grown in popularity to exchange digital artwork for cash. As a rising technology powerhouse, India has become an obvious option for companies wishing to expand their operations.

NFT developers & NFT marketplace developers are in high demand in India because of the fast growth of startups to enterprise-level organizations. We at have identified the best NFT marketplace development firms in India for 2022-2023, so you may get a dependable NFT marketplace development company.


Although the platform is still in its infancy, it is gaining traction as time goes on. They have everything they need to get off to a great start, including an amazing plan and tools that will add value to the project.

Incorporating the meme culture’s sense of relevance into Wagmi’s social media platform is smart. According to the company, punk monkeys with diamond hands will be a part of the platform.

Even though the project hasn’t been announced yet, don’t get rid of the unreleased projects. Regenerative punks have been a part of several great projects that began as NFT releases from unknown sources. There is no way to predict which initiative will be a failure. And, to be honest, a “generative” startup like this normally requires minimal initial investment.


One of the world’s largest consulting firms, Accenture provides a wide range of services, including software engineering, supply chain management, and app development. The corporation employs more than 492K people in 200 locations across 120 countries to serve its customers.


To further the culture, a P2P NFT marketplace targets digital artists, crypto natives, and collectors. Digital art is the foundation’s core emphasis and is one of the top NFT markets.

It would help if you built a profile for an artist on this site and then applied for the Upvote Program. A popular vote decides your application’s acceptance or rejection.


Information technology (IT) and business consulting (outsourcing) are all core competencies of Infosys Limited, an Indian multinational corporation (MNC). After TCS, Infosys is India’s second-largest IT firm. The corporation has 82 sales, marketing locations, and 123 development centers worldwide.

WillowTree Apps

WillowTree is among the most reputable names in app development and digital products. To date, they’ve developed over 1,000 internet and social solutions for clients all around the globe. Aside from these additional services, the firm provides online and mobile app development, software development; chatbot development; UI/UX; and the newest technology.


Check out the best exchanges for selling Non-Fungible tokens if you want to make money. Choose exceedingly rare if you’re looking to purchase and sell limited-edition artwork.

There is a real artist behind every single one of these digital collectibles. Collectors and producers can possess these digital collectible items that can be traced on the blockchain and protected by encryption. In addition to providing a record of possession for all digital collectibles, the finest feature of SuperRare is whether it fosters openness and a healthy social atmosphere.

SuperRare’s administration, on the other hand, has the final say on the artwork. Therefore community upvotes don’t mean much. SuperRare’s marketplace, therefore, has only the greatest content.

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