How To Use Satelite Connectivity Feature In Apple Iphone 14/ Pro

How To Use Satelite Connectivity Feature In Apple Iphone 14/ Pro? While Apple’s new iPhone 14 range mainly includes the standard slate of yearly updates, such as camera or performance enhancements, the company has crammed several exciting and valuable new personal security features.

The Urgent SOS via satellite capability is promising since it might enable iPhone users to send out a distress call anywhere on Earth, even where regular cellular networks aren’t accessible. At its Far Out presentation on September 7, Apple introduced the function and noted the steady increase in cellular coverage.

Use Satelite Connectivity Feature In Apple Iphone

As a first point, satellites are in continual motion and are located at great heights in the sky. That means you must locate the signal until you can begin talking to it. Until a satellite connection is made, the iPhone 14 will send you the appropriate way. As Apple puts it, “a good view of the sky” is required for this function to operate correctly.

If you have an iPhone and are in an area with no cellular reception, you may still make an emergency call after you have linked to the satellite. Send your current position to loved ones via satellite connection and the Find My app.

As it takes time for the iPhone to establish a connection with satellites, the gadget will pose a few queries to the user in the meantime. Some examples of such inquiries are “What is the emergency?” “Who needs help?” and “Is anybody injured?” This information is then sent to a nearby relay station by text message, which is sent automatically by the iPhone.

Since bandwidth is minimal compared to cellular networks, Apple claims it has developed a compression technology that renders messages three times smaller, facilitating speedier communication.

Who Is Allowed To Use Satelite Connectivity Feature

Until the iOS 16 upgrade rolls out to consumers in the US & Canada in about November 2022, the iPhone 14 series is the only one that can use Satellite Connectivity. If you purchase an iPhone 14 series version from a market outside the US, you will also be able to use this function in the US. However, the function will not be available on iPhone 14 models purchased in Mainland China, Hong Kong, or Macao.

Availability To Use Satelite Connectivity Feature In Apple Iphone

Starting in November, satellite Internet access will be accessible exclusively in the United States and Canada. The company claims that starting with the iPhone 14, customers would get two years of the service at no cost. After that, enabling satellite communication will cost money, although how much is unknown.

How About Personal Space 

According to Apple, when users call emergency services via satellite, all communications are delivered in an encrypted form or are decoded by Apple before being forwarded on to the appropriate emergency agencies.

However, “emergency assistance centres and the relaying provider may preserve the communications to enhance their services and in conformity with relevant laws.”

Apple’s new satellite connection function is meant for usage only in dire situations. To be clear, Apple has not transformed the iPhone 14 into a satellite phone; you can still not make phone calls or send texts in areas without conventional mobile network service. You should pray you never have to utilize the satellite-based Emergency SOS option.

The iPhone keeps running in the background, so you probably won’t see any options for it until you need to use it. Even if you aren’t a subscriber to a particular cellular network, you can still make a 911 call from your iPhone in the United States or Canada.

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