How To Use Google Street View In Google Maps In India

For the first time, Google announced that Street View would be accessible on Google Street View in India, thanks to new imagery acquired from its local partners, Genesys International & Tech Mahindra. For the first time in history, Google Maps Street View collection of data is being carried out entirely by local partners in India.

Google’s partners have logged more than 150,000 kilometers throughout ten cities in India. These cities include Bengaluru and Chennai as well as Delhi and Mumbai, as well as Hyderabad and Pune, as well as Nashik and Vadodara, and Ahmedabad and Amritsar. Even by the end of 2022, the internet giant hopes to have this service available in more than 50 locations worldwide.

How Did Street View Start In India, And What is Next For It?

It is permitted for Indian enterprises to acquire and license map data so under National Geographic Policy, 2021 (NGP). After this, Google partnered with Tech Mahindra with Mumbai-based Genesys Global to provide Street View in 10 Indian cities.

It’s the first time A company has partnered with a third-party data source to make this functionality available. These partners will gather and own the data in India.

For Android And Iphone Users, How To Get Google Maps Street View

  • Google Maps may be accessed by launching the app.
  • Please search for a location or add a pin to the map to pinpoint it.
  • Select the name or address of the location.
  • You may click either on the picture with the caption “Street View” or the thumbnail with the Street View symbol.

How To Use It On A Web Browser

  • To view Google Maps Google Streetview using the web browser on a computer, perform the following steps:
  • Type in a location or landmark in the Search Box.
  • Location information and photographs for popular destinations will appear in the Google knowledge panel.
  • Photos with “See outdoors” appear if the location has Street View coverage.
  • Google Maps Street View may be accessed by clicking on this picture.

Some locations in Google Maps have direct access to the Street View stream. To do so, this is how:

  • Use a web browser to access Google Maps.
  • It will open a globe in your neighbourhood if the browser knows where you are.
  • Once you have clicked on the map, you are ready to begin.
  • If Street View is available, a relocation card at the bottom of the screen will provide a picture of the location.
  • Street View may be accessed by clicking on it.

Take a Virtual Tour of the World

You may use Google Maps on your phone, tablet, or computer by following the instructions above. Tourist attractions, stores, businesses, parking lots, sports arenas, and so on are all well shown in their original configuration.

Google Street View only works in a few countries, so you will not be able to see the whole globe on it. Additionally, Google Maps may seamlessly integrate with other Google products, allowing you to produce visually stunning content with your location-based services.


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