How to use Google Drive file with non-Google account?

But not each organization or individual is one user of Google. So how can anyone share a Google Drive file with a non-Google account? In this column, we are going to walk our reader through each step of distributing one Google Drive file with non-Google account.

One of the most famous cloud storage is Google Drive. Because of its 15 GB free of cost storage space. Along with built-in integrations and effective collaborative tools with the other products or services by Google.

A non-Gmail user can enter into folders and files from Google Drive through one link given to them. Right-click that folder or file and tap on getting a link. After tapping on Restricted and pick out anybody with that link.

An individual has to make sure to use the correct permission settings before they send that email. There are three choices they can take out from:

  1. Editor
  2. Viewer and
  3. Commentator

The titles are pretty self-explanatory. So we are not going to go into too much detail. If anybody requires more command over their shared material, then they have to click on the settings present on the upper right side of their sharing window. There they can set more limitations for Weavers commentators and editors. The finishing point is to copy that link along with sending a Google Drive file with non-Google account. 

  • 2. Share the folder file via Email

Also, there is the choice of distributing folders or files via Email. Right-click on the folder or file and pick out share. Then add that email within the field of Add groups or people. If any individual wishes to add one text to their email, then they have to check out the option of notifying people. When an individual is ready to send that email, they have to tap on send.

Google Drive is going to show One Window in forming the individual that they are sharing that folder or file with one non-Gmail account. Then all they have left to do is to tap on the button of share anyways. The recipient of that email is going to be notified that they are confirming access in the absence of having a sign-in to one Google account.

  • 3. Share With Email or Link to use Google Drive file with a non-Google account

The workaround we have given above is pretty identical, as they provide an individual with the same level of command over a shared folder or file. So it all relies on the number of individuals one wishes to share their folder or file with.

If an individual is sharing the content with a small group of individuals, then they can utilize the method of email. However, for folders and files distributed among a bunch of individuals, pasting one link into one group chat can be the faster way. 

So that is it for our readers. We hope this step-by-step column on how to utilize a Google Drive file with non-Google account was useful to them.

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