How To Use GIPHY In Slack step by step Guide 2022

A GIF can make mundane communication more entertaining and energizing. So why not utilize those in Slack, also? And because Slack is one well-integrated platform, an individual can simply incorporate those in only a couple of steps. Likewise, you can easily incorporate them in just a few steps. Read this column to understand how to use GIPHY in Slack on many devices.

Sure, an individual may utilize Slack for their job. Also, it is generally preserved for work-related communication. Yet when communicating with the boss or Italy on this platform many times, there is not one improved method to express oneself than with one GIF from the application of GIPHY.

The Integration Of Slack And GIPHY 

GIPHY is the easiest method to add GIFs to conversations on Slack. The app can also be integrated into the virtual office. So an individual is not required to conduct anything complex to initiate sending GIFs. And when not, then it can be introduced in only a couple of seconds. The best thing is you can use any device to set it all up.

How to use GIPHY in Slack?

One user can post a GIF to their conversations on Slack in one similar manner. Pick cut one channel, put in command of/gipsy, along with the topic of the GIF. Then, find one adequate single utilizing the option of shuffle. If the individual is happy with that preview, they can post their GIF to their channel.

There is another method to send a GIF to a coworker. Relying on the keyboard, an individual can be capable of utilizing it to produce way more GIFs. For instance, if they possess the keyboard of Microsoft SwiftKey. Then they keep the button of GIF at the top, which is above the numerical keys. They have to click on that switch and utilize the icon of a magnifying glass to look for the wanted GIF. After that, they have to click on it to send the GIF to their chat or channel. This is how to use GIPHY in Slack.

How to utilize GIPHY Preview 

There is not one specific set of procedures to conduct to preview one GIF in Slack. For example, suppose an individual goes to GIPHY. Then they will witness a preview of each GIF before sending it in a pop-up window where the GIF is shown. They can pick out to send that or keep searching with the button “Shuffle”.

Lively interactions in a Workspace

Often an individual can say a lot in the presence of just one GIF rather than one entire sentence. A GIF might be funny. It might make a conversation lively. But are they required to cheer up their coworkers? Look for a relatable and funny GIF to make your colleagues laugh.

The team behind Slack had that in mind the moment they made the application of GIPHY accessible across workspaces. So have your colleagues, and you already got your hands on it? Or do you also think you will come across some funny GIFs to explain to everybody in the group? If not, then use GIPHY in Slack. You are not going to be disappointed.

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