How To Unsend And Edit Messages In Ios 16 In 2022?

How To Unsend And Edit Messages In Ios 16 In 2022? With iOS 16, available on all iPhone 8s and later, users may go back and change or delete texts they have previously sent. For example, suppose you unintentionally call a coworker an amorous name.

In that case, this might spare you the humiliation of having to explain yourself, and if you email the incorrect person the wrong message, this could provide you with an escape. Read on to learn how to recall or change a text message on your iPhone.

Edit Messages

If you send messages using a service like Slack, you’ve probably gone back and changed one or a hundred of them. The editing option is an excellent time-saver whether you just made a mistake or accidentally included the wrong information. With iOS 16, you’ll have 15 minutes to go back and change an iPhone message after sending it.

Open Messages and go to the conversation in which you want to make changes; this conversation must be utilizing iMessage (blue text). Short Message Service (SMS) texts will not be supported by this function (green texts). To make changes to a message, push and hold it down. Clicking this will provide a menu with shortcuts to everyday activities and the Tapback responses. When you are done, choose the Edit option.

What To Do If You Accidentally Send A Message

You have just two minutes to cancel a sent message before it is permanently deleted. Then, a simple long-press just on message, followed by a push on the Undo Send button, and voila! After clicking Send, an animation of your message disintegrating into tiny fragments will play out before your eyes.

Even though the other person will not be able to see the message, they will both be able to see the notice that it was removed from the Messages tab.

However, this function requires both users to be on iOS 16. Unsending a text message sent to someone else using iOS 15 will remove the message from your device but not the recipients. Instead, another notice will appear saying, “You cancelled the sending of a message. The notice may still appear if the software hasn’t been updated.

Recall Any Texts You Mistakenly Sent Right Away

Unfortunately, it is all too common for messages to be sent by accident. Perhaps you intended to choose an emoji but accidentally hit the send button. Or you might have accidentally messaged the incorrect person. Any old text messages may be retrieved using iOS 16. However, in contrast to the ability to alter messages before sending them, you only have two minutes to retract a text message after sending it.

You may undo sending a message by opening the Messages app, pressing and holding the text (blue text only), and selecting Undo Send.

Both you and the receiver will no longer be able to access the text message thread. If your message is not successfully delivered, a notice to that effect will display on your thread. However, the receiver may have already received your message.

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