How to unlock Genshin Impact Sumeru daily commissions & reputation

In Genshin Impact, one new region to discover arrives in the presence of new commissions. It comes from the Guild of Adventurers, as well as one new reputation system to go up in. But, when the Dendro lands in Genshin Impact Sumeru, both mechanics will not be immediately unlocked if a Traveler shows up. To unlock Genshin Impact Sumeru daily commissions & reputation, a couple of things must be conducted first.

It is essential to understand that the Daily Commissions of each region are locked for the 12th rank of Adventure. On top of that, each system of Reputation, regardless of location, is locked for the 25th rank of Adventure.

How To Get Daily Commissions In Genshin Impact Sumeru?

When the Guild of Adventurers is available immediately after getting into Sumeru, but this capability of taking on commissions daily for the branch is not. Instead, players can go to the branch to cash out their commissions daily. Those are finished in other locations, along with sending a character out for expeditions on Sumeru. Yet that is all to start.

To unlock commissions daily in Sumeru, a player must finish the 3rd Chapter of the 2nd Act. After that, the Morn one Thousand Roses get in. The quest is, surely, an aspect of the whole series of Archon Quest in Sumeru. That can just be unlocked at the 35th Adventure Rank.

After completing the 3rd Chapter of the 2nd Act, players should wait for the upcoming regular server reset. Upon opening this game, they have to follow the reset. They will have one new quest in “Adventure Takes Courage!” their log title. That quest is quite straightforward. They are especially speaking with Katheryne at the branch of Sumeru of the Adventurers guild. Now the players are going to unlock Genshin Impact Sumeru daily commissions & reputation.

In the Handbook for Adventurers, players can truly pick out the Daily Commissions of a region they would prefer to take on. On top of that, they can also leave that set on “random” for a bit of range.

But, the individuals hoping to discover the new region of Sumeru will probably wish to set theirs also. That is simple. They only have to navigate to the menu of the Adventurer Handbook. After that, they have to go down to the 2nd tab. It is named “Commissions,”. Pick out the dropdown of the region on the upper right side. Set it on Sumeru. Mostly then, the Daily Commissions are going to only show up on Sumeru after the upcoming server reset daily.

How To Unlock The Reputation System On Sumeru?

On top of the daily commissions for the guild of Adventurers, a player can also opt to become one local hero at Sumeru through the system of Reputation. Every region possesses this mechanic. Also, that revolves around getting the admiration of the locals, along with cashing that in for bonuses and rewards.

The Reputation system on Sumeru will lead to fresh cooking recipes, a fresh Wind Glider, the stone diagram of Dendroculus Resonance, the procedures for creating one Treasure Compass for Dendro, local discounts, and so much more. All after you unlock Genshin Impact Sumeru daily commissions & reputation. 

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