How to take regular and scrolling screenshots in Apple iphone 14/pro/max pro?

iPhone 14 Pro arrives with similar layouts for buttons as the earlier models. So that indicates taking a screenshot is also the same. But with the 16th version of IOS, there is one option of copying and deleting. On top of that, we will glance at how to take regular and scrolling screenshots in Apple iphone 14/pro/max pro.

The combination of buttons on the 14th iPhone remains similar, with the volume up and side to capture one screenshot. However, there is one valuable fresh option on the menu of the 16th iOS copy and delete. This assists in keeping all the screenshots from piling up in the photo library.

Below we are also going to describe how to do one scrolling and long screenshot in the absence of having to get any third-party application on the 14th iPhone. On top of that a couple of choices when users wish for more control.

How to capture a scrolling or regular screenshot on the 14th iPhone?

Regular screenshots along with the new option of copy and delete:

  1. Press and hold the button on the side along with the button volume up at the same time. It is going to capture one screenshot. An individual can also Click one right after the other. 
  2. An individual can tap on the thumbnail of the screenshot for 5 seconds on the bottom left side for more options. When they do nothing, it is going to preserve the screenshot in the application of photos
  3. When the users click on the thumbnail of the screenshot, they can utilize the tools of mark-up. The users have to click the button of share on the upper ride side in the icon office square in the presence of an up arrow for Rapid options.
  4. Then they have to click on Done present on the upper left side for the handy fresh option of Copy and Delete.

Scrolling screenshots in Apple iphone

In the presence of the option of native iOS capturing the long or regular and scrolling screenshots in Apple iphone, 14/pro/max pro offers an individual one PDF of each thing on one email note web page document in the applications of Apple.

  1. Users must capture one screenshot by pressing the volume up button and side button together simultaneously.
  2. Then they have to click on the thumbnail on the bottom left side before that disappears. 
  3. Pick out the option of a full page in the upper ride side.

The option of Full Page is only going to show up in circumstances where there is more than a page’s worth of content present on the screen. The individual can preview each of the pages and utilize markup, along with more, before they save it.

Users can also click the crop symbol next to the option of “Done” to edit the aspect of a full page they would prefer to preserve. They have to either click on Done. That is present in the upper left side to preserve regular and scrolling screenshots in Apple iphone 14/pro/max.

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