How To Take Full Screen Screenshot In Apple Iphone 14/Pro

How To Take Full Screen Screenshot In Apple Iphone 14/Pro? The iPhone 14 or 14 Pro buttons are identical to those of prior generations. Thus capturing screenshots is as easy as it was before. We will also cover the new “Copy and Delete” feature in iOS 16 and how to snap a scrolling screenshot for iPhone 14.

Screenshots on the iPhone 14 are taken using the same button combination as before: side and Volume up. However, with iOS 16, you can now Copy & Delete screenshots, which is a great way to avoid having them accumulate in your picture library and cause problems.

We will also show you two other ways to take control of your iPhone 14 screenshots and how to take a long or scrolling clip without installing any additional apps.

Full Screen Screenshot In Apple

  • Pressing the Side button and the Volume Up button simultaneously captures a screenshot onto an iPhone with Face ID, such as the newest iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, apple 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max.
  • When both buttons are pressed simultaneously, a screenshot is captured, and a preview appears in the lower left corner. Sliding it away or doing nothing will create a copy in the Photos app (in the screenshots folder) and the Library (if you have it installed).

Markup To Take Full Screen Screenshot In Apple

  • You may modify or annotate your screenshot by tapping on the preview picture in the bottom left of the screen after you’ve taken it.
  • The markup icon at the top of the menu lets you annotate the snapshot and make other changes. You may choose from various writing instruments, including pens, markers, pencils, rubbers, a cutting lasso, and colour schemes. Just hit the ” + ” button to access more features like Text, Signature, the Magnifier, or standard shapes such as circles and squares, just hit the “+” button.


Simply selecting “Done” in the upper left corner of the window will allow you to save the screenshot or discard it. You may save the screenshot to your photos or delete it here.

Taking a screenshot is easy; click the Share button and choose the desired service to send to a friend or store in your Files. After you’ve saved or emailed the snapshot, you may discard it by clicking “Done.”

Regular And Scrolling Screenshots, Iphone Method 14

  • Regular screen captures with a new cut-and-paste function
  • To take a screenshot, hold down the side button and the Volume up button at the same time
  • If you hold down the bottom-left corner of the screen for 5 seconds, you’ll get a thumbnail of the screenshot and be given the – The default location for saving is the Photos app.
  • It’s possible to annotate screenshots by tapping on the thumbnail preview: Quick sharing options may be accessed by tapping the square icon with the up arrow in the upper right corner.
  • Click Done in the upper left corner to use the new Copy & Delete function.

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