How to tag someone in the Jira service desk?

The Service Desk of Jira is one reliable assistance desk application. It is offered via Atlassian. It serves as one zone where the consumers can report bugs, communicate with the business operators for assistance, tag someone in the Jira service desk, access the knowledge base and request alterations. This software for service management is utilized across a massive array of teams. That group belongs from a diverse place involving operations, IT, human resources, and finance

But almost 50 per cent of Jira Service Desk users incorporate it for external consumer facilities. This program for a help desk is equipped with the presence of management of change and problems automation rules, customizable templates, and real-time reporting. Further, it backs up to automate regular operations. On top of that, it takes care of bugs in the software. So as an outcome, it Delivers one improved experience of customer service.

How does one tag someone in the Jira service desk?

First and foremost, the individual has to type @ in their editor to mention one person utilizing autocomplete. After that, they have to begin typing the name. Then they have to pick out that individual day wishes to mention from that chart of recommendations. Then they can utilize autocomplete mentions present in the cloud of Jira Software as well.

Can an individual tag one group in Jira?

When the individual has created their group, they can go to any project of Jira in the presence of the fresh issue viewing experience to highlight their group. Just as how they typically mention one groupmate. The appropriate aspect regarding groups is when anyone generates it in Confluence or Jira. Then they can utilize the same group across both of the products.

An issue with tagging someone on the Jira service desk

Can’t tag someone in the Jira service desk? The facility management agent of Jira is not capable of mentioning agents of “@” along with collaborators in their section for comments in Jira. Suppose individual attempts to mention someone. Then one drop down in the presence of user names must appear. However, there is no appearance of the dropdown.

Permission to search for groups and users arriving from their Global permission. It is mentioned as “Browse groups and users”. When the agents cannot find someone, it is most likely that they are not a participant of one group in the presence of this permission.


  1. The individual has to go to the settings and then click on the option of System.
  2. Then on the left side of the menu, they have to tap on Global permissions.
  3. After that, they must go to the bottom of that permission page.
  4. Then they have to opt for granting “Browse groups and users” to their default Jira Service Management access group or any other group of their choice.
  5. After that, they have to tap on the button Add.

So that was how to tag someone in the Jira service desk. The features enlisted in the service desk of Jira Service mentioned here are its most remarkable abilities. It makes sure one more improved experience for the consumers. Even though those features involve automation abilities tracking the performance metric along with real-time collaboration. Service Desk of Jira becomes one worthy investment for a business owner. Especially the ones who hope to keep the value regarding consumer service apart from their competition. 

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