How to swap eth to bnb in metamask in 2022?

These days, many individuals hope to understand how to swap eth to bnb in metamask in 2022 or desire to convert ETH or Ethereum to Smart Chain. Swapping allows them to exchange a cryptocurrency for another. The vast majority of the cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Binance, permit them to do this. 

Binance is one of the most famous cryptocurrency exchanges with relatively low fees. Hence, it is highly suggested for professionals and beginners alike. However, individuals are required to create one account on this exchange before making any swap. 

But do not stress; creating an account on any cryptocurrency exchange is typically straightforward and quick. In this column, the riddles will learn how to swap Ethereum to Binance Coin utilizing the MetaMask wallet.

  • 1st step 

Download the metamask Wallet application and generate an account. 

  • 2nd step 

Deposit Ethereum into the Ethereum wallet on metamask.

  • 3rd step 

Once the individual has sent their Ethereum to their Ethereum wallet on Metamask, they will be capable of swapping it for Binance Coin. Firstly, click on the reverse symbol on the navigation bar at the bottom.

After one has tapped on the icon off a reverse, the navigation menu will open. The individuals will notice multiple options involving convert, deposit, sell and buy. Click on “Convert” to visit the converting page.

  • 4th step 

On the converting page, one will notice a few fields involving “To” and “From.” Firstly, press on the field of “From.”

This will open the chat of cryptocurrencies that individuals can change from. Search for “Ethereum” and tap on “Ethereum” (ETH) to convert the field of “From” to “Ethereum.” Secondly, press on the field of “To” and look for “Binance Coin.” Then, click on “Binance Coin” to convert the field of “To” to “Binance Coin.”

Thirdly, put the quantity of ETH that one wants to swap for Binance Coin. Make sure to have sufficient ETH. Else the transaction is going to fail. Lastly, press on “Preview conversion” and then “Convert” for swapping Ethereum to Binance Coin. After one has swapped Ethereum to Binance Coin, they will send the Binance Coin to any other wallet.


  • Can one swap ETH for BNB?

Log in to the account or generate one. Select ETH and BNB in the conversion window, then put the quantity of the coins one likes to swap. Pick out whether they want to change these currencies at floating or fixed rates. Enter the cryptocurrency wallet or BNB address.

  • Can one swap coins on MetaMask?

MetaMask users are capable of swapping tokens straight from the wallet now. Swaps combine info from numerous aggregators of a decentralized exchange, pro-market makers, and individual DEXs to ensure MetaMask users get the most reasonable price with affordable network fees.

  • Are MetaMask swaps good?

MetaMask Swaps are the most relevant source of info for achieving the most affordable network fees and best price by combining information from the automated market makers and professional market RFQs alongside individual DEXs.

With the knowledge of how to swap eth to bnb in metamask in 2022, Nau individuals can successfully exchange their Ethereum Binance Coin.

I hope you like reading on How to swap eth to bnb in metamask in 2022.

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