How To Stop Bots Commenting On Your WordPress Posts?

How To Stop Bots Commenting On Your WordPress Posts? While we all like WordPress, many users have found that the platform’s default settings for handling comment spam can be significant pain. It does not matter what kind of business blog you operate; sometimes, you’ll need a plan to eliminate WordPress comment spam.

Fortunately, there are several excellent plugins, methods, & settings you can quickly activate and install to minimize the spam by 99% practically. That’s right, and you can cut it in half! Instead of spending time deleting irrelevant comments, you could be working on expanding your blog and company.

Spam comments are bad for site traffic. It may influence your site’s security, search engine rankings, and the trustworthiness of your conversation with real commentators. If you can put a stop to it, you should.

Stop Bots Commenting On Your WordPress Posts 

  • Bring Down The Maximum Number Of Links Per Message

Most comments spam is created to insert links into your comment box and deceive users into clicking them. As a result, disallowing so many connections in the comments may help reduce spam.

Though it may be annoying for some visitors, legitimate users won’t be able to publish as many links, which may help slow down spammers.

  • Shut Down Website Feedback Worldwide

Click the ‘Everywhere’ option under Settings Disable Comments if you wouldn’t want to enable comments anywhere on your WordPress site. Doing so may deactivate comments site-wide or on any page that supports them.

  • Make a list of terms that will be banned 

In many cases, spam comments will include several keywords that are easy to spot. This way, you may more easily identify and remove them from your site.

Any remark on your site that contains a term on your “blacklist” will be flagged.

  • Do A Hard Reset On WordPress

WordPress sites inundated with comment spam may benefit from having all comments removed. After installing the Disable Comments plugin, go to the ‘Delete Comments’ menu and choose whether you want to delete comments across the board or only on specific post types.

You may use this plugin to permanently remove specific comment categories, such as product reviews or general remarks. If you decide to delete comments permanently, know that this action cannot be reversed unless you have a backup of your database.

  • Install A Spam-Blocking Add-On

In conclusion, anti-spam plugins should not be overlooked. Using such technologies may prevent comment spam and relieve the burden of manually sifting through comments to identify helpful ones.

Sites plagued by spam comments can seem amateurish to visitors and lose them. In addition, it’s challenging to sort through all the spam after the fact. So, it’s worth considering investing some effort in creating an effective anti-spam approach.

  • Only Authorized Users May Leave Comments

Only logged-in users may write comments on your site, which might be another layer of protection if you’re concerned about spam.

If your site is a private membership community, you may wish to restrict commenting to members only to foster healthy discussion.

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