How to Set a Static IP Address on Raspberry Pi in 2022?

Luckily when an individual knows how to set a static IP address on Raspberry Pi. Then it is one quick and fairly easy procedure to set any static IP address of a Raspberry Pi. We will demonstrate how an individual can replace the IP address of the operating system of Raspberry pi to make that permanent.

Suppose an individual is utilizing their Raspberry Pi like one server for the house or is sometimes required to enter it only from one other device. Then setting one static IP address for that is one very smart idea. That indicates that the individual will be capable of searching it and simultaneously fixing the IP address of Raspberry Pi each time. Rather than one new address being made dynamically when that is rebooted. That is also helpful to escape discombobulation when an individual has a bunch of Raspberry Pi gadgets associated with their network.

What Is One IP Address?

One IO address or Internet Protocol address is utilized to uniquely identify every device on one computer network and the network itself on the interweb. But more on that later. One IP address is generally written in the notation of ‘dot-decimal’. Four decimal numbers, ranging from zero to 255, are split by dots. One example is

The IP address of a Raspberry Pi is reconfigured immediately every time an individual reboots it by default in the operating system of Raspberry Pi. That is one operating system based on Linux, so it can properly change. Naturally, that is not appropriate when an individual requires one reliable address so that they can connect it to the operating system of Raspberry Pi from one other device. Such as if utilizing that as one server. So it is better to set one static internet protocol address on the operating system of Raspberry Pi. 

Add The Settings of Static Internet Protocol

An individual has to find all the details of their network connection because they have to edit the configuration file dhcpcd. Conf to add the settings they require to set up a static internet protocol address for the operating system of their Raspberry Pi.

When an individual has not edited this folder before, it will mainly contain a bunch of comment lines preceded by one symbol of hash (#). At the bottom, they have to add the following lines, changing the emboldened title with their network information to set a static IP address on Raspberry Pi in 2022:

  • NETWORK – the network connection kind: wireless wlan0, or Ethernet, eth0.
  • STATIC_IP – the static internet protocol addresses individual wishes to set for their Raspberry Pi.
  • ROUTER_IP – the gateway internet protocol address for the router on a local network.

Successfully set a static IP address on Raspberry Pi

Congratulations to our readers because they set a static IP address on Raspberry Pi in 2022 and now must write that address instantly whenever the device boots up. Now an individual can go ahead and utilize the system of their Pi as one server of game, NAS, or media and connect to that securely at the same internet protocol address of the fixed operating system of Raspberry Pi every time.

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