How To Set A Custom Safari Background In Apple Iphone In 2022?

How to set a custom safari background in apple iphone in 2022? Choose a colorful wallpaper as the backdrop for Safari on the iPhone. The white background of the iPhone’s home screen is the backdrop for Safari when you first launch the browser. However, when switched to night mode, the screen becomes completely dark. And with that, I’ll end this.

When using Safari, however, starting with iOS 15, you can set a custom wallpaper. The backdrop of Safari on the iPhone may even be changed to a photo stored in the Photos app, giving you a more customized experience. Find out how to change the iPhone’s Safari wallpaper here.

Modifying Your Iphone’s Safari Backdrop

  • If you want to customize the look of your iPhone’s Safari launch screen, you’ll need iOS 15. Thus make sure your device is up to date before continuing.
  • Kick-off Safari and launch a completely new window.
  • To access the “Edit” button, which is located in the tab’s bottom center after your favorites, shared articles, and reading list, you must scroll to the tab’s end.
  • Find the “Background Image” slider at the bottom of the list of customization options and move it to the “On” position to activate it. When “Background Image” is activated, the slider will shift to the right, take on a green hue, and provide a sample gallery of backgrounds below it.
  • You may customize Safari with one of nine pre-installed themes. The + sign in the upper left corner of the backdrop selector allows you to add your background. Select a picture from your phone’s gallery or camera roll to use as Safari’s background. If, after selecting a custom picture, you decide you want to make a change, you may press the “X” on the preview of your new image.
  • If you want to go back to the Safari tab after selecting a background picture, hit the “X” in the top right corner of the personalization page.

Methods For Modifying The Desktop Picture In Safari On A Mac

  • Launch Safari, and create a new window.
  • Select the Safari menu by clicking the three horizontal lines icon.
  • See that the box labeled “Background Image” at the bottom of the menu that appears is selected.
  • If you click on the first background and then use your keyboard’s arrow keys to cycle through the next eight, you will get a preview of all nine available backdrops. You may use the + sign to browse the Mac for a picture to upload and then click the box.

A Picture-Perfect Safari

Previously, you would have been at a loss as to how to alter the drab white or black default backdrop of Safari to something more to your liking. Turning off the switch for the Background Image will return the design to its primary state.

Fantastic Websites to Download Free Safari Background Pictures

Only nine different Safari wallpapers are available on iOS 15. However, you may acquire some amazing free photographs from the following places if you do not like them.

  • Pixabay

You may get a wide variety of high-quality photographs for free download and use on your computer, iPhone, or iPad at Pixabay. Low-resolution picture downloads don’t need a login. However, you may be required to complete a Google captcha to see better-resolution images.

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