How To Prevent And Stop Online Stalking On Whatsapp?

Have you ever been the target of a stalker’s attention? Even if you’re a college student, a housewife, or a working professional, you will likely be stalked at some point. So, naturally, they’ll loiter in the area outside of businesses and educational institutions.

Stalking May Be Done Using The ‘Last Seen’ And ‘Online’ Statuses

‘Online’ status time and ‘Last Seen’ time is logged by certain third-party applications like Google Play Store and Apple Mobile App on iOS. As a result, WhatsApp has implemented protections to prevent other applications from obtaining this information.

There is no way for users to access the ‘Last seen’ status on both accounts unless there is significant conversation history. The state of your internet presence will likewise be hidden. The app has promised the user that this new restriction would not interfere with the user’s discussions with friends, family, and companies.

An answer from WhatsApp Support stated: “To protect the privacy of our users, we are making it tougher for persons you do not know and have not interacted with to view your last seen and web platform on WhatsApp.”

This will not affect your relationships with people or organisations you already know or have messaged in the past. However, the contract may have either ceased sharing its position with the public or has authorised a select few people to see it.

Manage The Group Settings

It is possible to track WhatsApp groups as well as individual talks. As a result, individuals can add you to undesired groups, and you may get spam or personal communications from others in the group. This can be avoided, and you can regulate who adds to any group you want to join.

You will need to complete the above procedures to access the Privacy option. Once you have selected Groups, you’ll be presented with three options: All of My Contacts, All of My Contacts, and All of My Contacts, excluding some. You’ll be able to avoid organisations and individuals that aren’t required this way.

Select Users Will Have Their Status Hidden

It’s common for WhatsApp users to write a status update visible to anybody with their phone number. Once upon a time, there was an option to conceal status updates from groups of people or a specific set of people. As a result, users can mask their status from potential stalkers. Open WhatsApp’s Settings menu > Accounts > privacy > Status > My contacts consent to conceal my status. Selecting the “Only Share with…” option and selecting a set of trusted contacts allows you to share your status with a specific number of people.

Blocking Contacts

There can be occasions when you get WhatsApp messages from unknown senders. If you don’t answer, some people will stop bothering you, while others will continue to bombard you with messages. Blocking such individuals is a simple way to put an end to this. This feature is available in the Settings menu as well. The banned contacts may be seen and unblocked by going to Settings>Account>Privacy>Blocked and choosing the Unblock Contact option by pressing on the connection.

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