How To Leave Whatsapp Groups Silently Without Getting Noticed By Other Members?

How To Leave Whatsapp Groups Silently Without Getting Noticed By Other Members? More than 2 billion people use WhatsApp daily, making it one of the most widely used instant messaging services online. WhatsApp has continuously added new features since its introduction in 2009 to fulfil the demands of its user base, which is continually expanding.

One of these functions allows users to discreetly exit WhatsApp groups without the other group members noticing. This new function has begun to appear in WhatsApp’s beta channel. Learn how to avoid being seen by WhatsApp groups here.

Leaving A Whatsapp Group Without Being Notified

You may create WhatsApp Groups for friends, family, and strangers with similar interests thanks to WhatsApp’s group messaging feature. Engaging in conversation with others in a WhatsApp group may be enjoyable.

You may have reached a point where you no longer have the time or the desire to participate in the WhatsApp group with which you were actively engaged.

You may just quit the group in such a circumstance without worrying about how other group members would respond. However, some may see this as unfriendly, unpleasant, and inappropriate.

Therefore, turning off WhatsApp notifications temporarily is a preferable option. This is equivalent to quitting the group since you won’t get alerts anymore and won’t be aware of group activities until you want to.

The Best Way To Quit WhatsApp Groups Quietly

  • Here is how you quit WhatsApp groups secretly now that we understand how crucial it is to do so.
  • Both Android devices and smartphones follow the same procedure. It works on Whatsapp as well.
  • Long-press on the chat you wish to exit secretly in WhatsApp after it has opened.
  • Now choose Archive Chat from the menu.
  • You may see all of your archived discussions by scrolling to the top of the WhatsApp conversations.
  • Now quietly enter the group you wish to depart.
  • Select Exit Group from the popup menu by tapping the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen then hit More, and finally touch the Exit button.

Congratulations, you successfully and covertly quit a WhatsApp group. Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not indicate that you have left the group via a popup text in the conversation. The main drawback is that group administrators continue to see the “XYZ Left” chat popup.

No group members other than administrators are informed. Only by opening the chat information, scrolling down inside the member list, and selecting the “View Past Participants” option will other members be able to determine if a particular person has left the group. Here, WhatsApp displays a list of every contact who abandoned the chat in the past ninety days.

Leave WhatsApp Groups Covertly

To archive, a group first is the central concept here. You may then quit the gathering in silence and secrecy by doing so quietly. Regular members cannot immediately notice this shift. Therefore, it is still better, although Group Admins still receive notifications through a popup in the conversation.

You are essentially secure from being discovered when you quit a group following our technique because of the three-step procedure required for non-admin members to get access to the View Previous Participants choices.

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