How to lease or rent a 3D printer step by step in 2022?

Is renting a 3D printer a viable option for increasing global 3D printing? Actually, you should know all the possibilities offered by renting 3D printers. Here you know How to lease or rent a 3D printer step by step in 2022.

We all know that these days 3D printings are somewhat expensive. It prices approximately around $2,000 and sometimes also twice of this, depending upon the quality. 

Nevertheless, cost varies based on the equipment the client is interested in, the period for rental, the locality, and whether or not you want the services of a 3D printing professional. However, 3D printer rental makes 3D printers accessible to clients from all over the globe.

Although there is a  decline in 3D printer pricing, renting a 3D printer is an excellent replacement for high volume production and is great for small businesses. Also it is likely to be used by

  1. Users which do not have any prior experience of using 3D printers.
  2. Users without any financial means to purchase a 3D printer
  3. Users who are working on short-term projects for whom acquiring a 3D printer is not economically feasible.
  4. Users who want to try a particular model before directly purchasing it just like some people rent an expensive car just before making a decision of buying it. 

Leasing Services for 3D Printers

There are various companies which offer rental programs. For example, there is this company called Airwolf 3D that allows clients to rent 3D printers. So, according to the company’s policy, the minimum leasing duration is one week, and you must deposit the entire cost of the 3D printer. 

They will return the deposit and only accept rental money after one week. Also the speciality of this company is that if you are new to using these printers then they will provide training sessions before you rent their 3D printers.

There is another company known as Vshaper, which is similar to Airwolf 3D but they provide 3D printers for a longer period of time.

Printing Outdoor Rental

3D Hubs, founded in 2013, was the first online platform to offer outdoor rental.

This platform is the world’s biggest network of manufacturing services, and it serves as a gateway for customers who wish to have models produced but do not have direct access to a printer.

All you have to do is choose the best product for your needs, then choose your location, material type, and printer quality. Also, you will be charged an additional price for the service that you receive. Another intriguing aspect of the firm is that they present you with a continuous assessment report that includes print quality ratings, 3d printing model attractiveness, print type,  and color options.

Inshort, the four basic procedures for renting these 3D printers are as follows.

  1. Upload your 3-D design in the sample SLT format
  2. Choose a print location using your interactive map.
  3. Pick up your product and meet the printer.
  4. Join the community

Other renting platforms for 3D printers.

There is another website called Threedigo. Actually, this is a global market where this website aims to link those who want to rent out 3D printers and others who want to hire them. So what this website does is bring together individuals that need each other.

Aside from these communities, there are other facilities such as Shapeways and i.materialize, that provide 3D printing services, assisting customers in uploading the prototype model, selecting the appropriate material, and ordering online.

These firms provide a broader range of materials and 3D printing techniques at slightly higher prices. I hope you like reading on How to lease or rent a 3D printer step by step in 2022. 

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