How to know your bank balance via Aadhar Card in 2022

Aadhar cards are also formatted for Indian individuals to check out their bank balance without checking any web pages of their Bank. This indicates that they do not have to visit any ATM to understand their bank balance. On top of that, this service has advantages for senior consumers and users who are currently not utilizing a smartphone. However, to utilize that facility, an individual must know how to know your bank balance via Aadhar Card step-by-step guide in 2022.

Aadhaar is renowned as a shred of evidence for identification. It is also one essential document that possesses all information, such as an address, PAN card, phone number, and banking. Bluntly speaking, it is indispensable for each Indian citizen and linked with our banking accounts. That indicates that an Indian individual is permitted to check out the current balance in their account. Surely that is linked to their Aadhar card.

Steps To Get The Bank Balance Through The Number On The Aadhaar Card

The Aadhar card number is synced to a person’s biometric details, such as iris, along with fingerprint scan images. Because of that relation, an individual can check out the balance in their bank account by easily utilizing the number on their Aadhar card.

It is essential to understand that an individual can utilize this facility without an internet connection. That indicates feature mobile device users can also utilize this. So check out each of the steps mentioned here to know your bank balance via Aadhar Card.

  • 1st Step: First and foremost, an individual is required to dial *99*99*1# via the registered phone number. An individual must type in the 12-digit number given on the Aadhar card.
  • 2nd Step:  Again, they must enter the number on their Aadhar Card and receive the text from the UIDAI. Then they will notice the bank balance on their device’s screen.

Apart from checking out the bank balance, the Aadhaar card permits an individual to offer money, avail of schemes by the government, and get one PAN card. One Aadhaar card offers one hassle-free experience. But, to check out the bank account number, they are required to link the Aadhaar card with their bank account. In any case, they are searching for methods to conduct that then they are at the correct place.

Steps To Sync Bank Account Number 

  • 1st Step:  First and foremost, an individual is required to send the text to the customer care number of their Bank. They must type in UID<space>Aadhaar number<space>Account number.
  • 2nd Step:  Then, they are going to get one text mentioning that the Bank has accepted their request. But the Bank will check the information with the Unique Identification Authority of India.
  • 3rd Step:  After checking out the info, the individual is going to receive one text mentioning that they have to go to the nearest branch of their Bank alone in the presence of their authentic Aadhar card.

This is the procedure to make sure in the future, you are going to know your bank balance via Aadhar Card whenever you want.

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