How to index web stories in WordPress step by step?

This column is going to outline how along with why one must start generating Web Stories for their web page. Also what tools can they utilize to craft their Google web stories in WordPress step by step?

Google declared one widespread place of the format of Web Stories by Google. In its tap or Discovery on the native mobile app of Google, utilized by more than 800 million individuals every 30 days. 

The Stories placed in the tab for Discovery are right now accessible in India, Brazil, and the United States of America. Google in the future is going to grow web stories to many more countries along with products by Google.

This is huge news for professionals regarding Search Engine Optimisation, content creators along with marketers. It is shifting towards reaching the requirements for the latest content consumption. That is introduced via the submerging format of the story and empowered via the technology of AMP.

What are Web Stories by Google? 

Web Stories by Google are the immense, full-screen form generated by Google as one response. It is to bring a story to the open internet.

Engaging with a story is quite simple. Just click on the story in the Google search. An individual is going to enter one experience that is immersive and full-screen. 

As one user, an individual can determine whether to tap on one link in a story or click right or left to navigate via the upcoming page. Or to a story from other resources that complement the topic they were looking for on Google. 

It is always recommended to fulfil the web stories requirements, you can also take care of Prima Secure SSL certificate installed on your website.

How to make web stories in wordpress step by step

To generate Web Stories by Google on WordPress, an individual can utilize a simple drop and drag tool. Such as the official editor of Web Story generated by Google.

The WordPress plugin provides a bunch of choices to generate the most user-friendly Web Stories by Google. All credit goes to the powerful creation tool of WYSIWYG. 

An individual is always going to have an entrance to the Media Library of WordPress. So they can get their media asset effortlessly from the dashboard of the plugin.

One can download the editor of web stories on their own from the directory of WordPress to get started. They can also install that straight from the admin Dashboard of WordPress.

If they opt for the latter option, then there are the steps. Here are the web stories in wordpress step by step.

  • First and foremost they have to log in to their web page by WordPress.
  • Then they have to pick out  ‘Plugins‘ from that menu and tap on ‘Add new.
  • In that search bar, they have to type in ‘Web Stories’. Then they are going to see the plugin of the Web Stories.
  • Install and activate it
  • Then they have to go back to their dashboard on  WordPress and pick out the option of ‘Stories’.
  • Then unfolded the Dashboard of Web Stories.
  • Tap on the button of ‘Create New Story’ or pick out ‘Explore Templates’.
  • Then they have to customize and craft their desired web story by Google.

Please understand that this eventual variant of the plugin on WordPress through web stories in wordPress step by step involves animation along with the support of page attachment.

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