How To Improve Android Security On Your Phone Tips To Follow In 2022

How to improve android security on your phone tips to follow in 2022? To a certain extent, our cell phones have become an extension of ourselves. They not only let us go around the web, provide amusement, and let us watch videos, but they also hold crucial information about our lives and ourselves. Smartphone’s may house crucial data, including banking applications, important e-mail accounts, files, etc.

As a result, protecting these gadgets from hackers and other threats is crucial. Many issues might arise if your device is stolen or compromised. Therefore, its security must be prioritised. Without a doubt, Android is one of the most often attacked Smartphone platforms today.

Securing User Settings

The lock screen is the first line of defence for your Android mobile device security, allowing you to set up a PIN, password, patterns, or fingerprint lock. It would help if you chose a complex password instead of using an essential PIN like 1234 or 0000. Android’s Smart Lock function allows you to keep your phone unlocked whenever it is in a safe place, such as your house, desk, vehicle, or pocket. As soon as Android realises you’re not in your usual spot, it locks itself. While helpful, we caution against using this function if you are concerned about privacy.

Do Not Leave Applications Running That You Have Not Used In A While

It is best to start saying goodbye to applications you no longer use. After all, hackers may attempt to exploit flaws in older programmes that they know are a security concern. In addition, some applications may pose privacy concerns since they track your activity. Thus, it is beneficial to uninstall such applications if you want to reduce the number of potential tracking sources. Depending on the launcher, some Android phones make it possible to remove apps by simply dragging and dropping them off the home screen. The standard procedure is going to the menu at Settings >> Apps.

Login Using Two Separate, Verified Methods

Use two-factor authentication to protect your Google account further. Two-factor authentication requires you to provide a secret question and answer, or some other piece of data, in addition to your password.

With two-factor authentication enabled, your data will be safe even if your password is compromised. So even while it will not make your device less secure, it will increase the safety of your data.

Please Use Reliable Vpns

Virtual private networks (VPNs) are legal as long as users are cautious about which VPNs they choose. VPNs may prevent your ISP or cell provider from monitoring where you go online. Options like NordVPN and other trustworthy providers are available.

Confidently Play Google Play Games With Google Play Protect

Over 100 billion applications are scanned daily by Play Protect for malware and other threats. In addition, it checks all the apps on your device and notifies you if any of them have become obsolete. After then, it’s up to the user to decide whether or not to continue using the app.


To ensure the safety of your essential information, you should always create a backup. Therefore, you will not lose any data if your phone is damaged, lost, or stolen since you will have a backup. In addition, you may test out online backup solutions like Dropbox, Box, and iCloud. You may train yourself to keep all of your data on the cloud rather than on your mobile device. This means you won’t need to keep specific essential programmes on your smartphone at all times, and you may free up space for other apps.

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