How to get verified with badge verification on opensea?

Account verification offers greater faith to the ecosystem of NFT by assisting the community in identifying authentic content and creators. One checkmark badge of blue color on any account indicates that the authorities of OpenSea have the account verified. One checkmark badge verification on opensea of blue color on one collection indicates that the collection belongs to one verified account and has significant sales or interest.

The readers can learn more about one account verification and the eligibility required for the collection badge below. 

Since verification aims to back up one healthier environment on OpenSea, not each account is compatible for verification.

Accounts that possess collections in a minimum of 100 ETH of capacity sold or identical to SOL are compatible to request verification. We are soon going to be expanding on eligible accounts. Those accounts will see one banner of their account pushing them to request verification in the profile settings. They will also get one email from OpenSea when they have one verified list of email addresses.

  • Criteria of Account verification 

Before one can request account verification, their account should have:

  1. One username.
  2. One profile picture.
  3. One synced Twitter account. 
  4. Once registered, email address.

Here is how to request account verification: 

  1. Go to the settings of the Profile.
  2. Look for the heading Apply for verification at the top of that page.
  3. Once an individual has finished their profile, they must tap on Submit request.

The customer support team at OpenSea will review the request, and then the candidate will get feedback within a week. They can also notice the decision of the review in their profile settings. 

If the account is examined, the username, fields of social connections, and email address in their profile will be locked for safety purposes. They will require contact with the support team to alter any verified account profile.

  • Verification Lost

Suppose an account violates the Terms and Conditions of Service and engages in conduct that will disqualify them from eligibility for account verification. In that case, they could lose their verified status.

The authorities of OpenSea preserve the privilege to deny to verify any account or cancel the status of verified in the absence of notice and for many reasons.

  • Badged Collections

When the profile is verified, a collection in the presence of a minimum of 100 ETH of capacity or identical to SOL will be compatible to be badged. 

Before account owners can submit their collection for reviewing purposes, the profile should have these given characteristics:

  1. One synced Twitter account. 
  2. One logo image.
  3. One title.
  4. One banner. 
  5. Each of the collection items was revealed or minted.
  6. Certification through the creator of the collection that their work is authentic. 

Here is how to request one badge:

  1. Go to the collection page.
  2. Tap the icon of the pencil present on the top right side to edit the collection.
  3. Go down to the heading of Apply for the collection badge. 
  4. Once each criterion is fulfilled, tap on the Request badge verification on opensea.

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