How To Fix Way Of The Hunter Keeps Crashing On Startup On PC

How to fix way of the hunter keeps crashing on startup on pc?

Way of the Hunter, developed by Nine Rocks and published by THQ Nordic, is a first-person shooter video game in which players assume the role of a new buyer of hunting in environments with abundant wildlife. Hunting with a wide variety of high-quality guns is available in cooperative play in this open-world game. However, many Windows PC users report that the Way of Hunter games often crashes upon launch.

Do not fret if you’ve recently fallen prey to the same problem. We hope that the potential solutions we have provided here will enable you to address the issue at hand. Unfortunately, given how recently the game was released, there is a good chance it still has some stability difficulties and glitches. In contrast, whether you’re playing a new or old game, having problems with the initial crash or the match not starting is typical for PC games.

Inspect The System Requirements

As an initial step before diving into the troubleshooting guide, make sure your PC meets the game’s minimum requirements. Your PC’s requirements are either obsolete or run on an insufficiently robust setup. If that is the case, you may fix the issue by installing the latest versions of the necessary software and hardware on your computer.

Verify That You Have Updated Your Antivirus Software

Our computers’ systems are protected against malware by antivirus software. They shield your data from corruption and prevent intruders away from your private computer data. However, they may also hurt your game files, preventing them from functioning as intended. That might be the cause of your problems with the game. To resolve this, add your game to the antivirus’s exclusion list.

If it does not work, turning off antivirus software may assist. If that’s the case, it may be time to look into a new antivirus program. If you want to protect your computer from malware, get Auslogics Anti-Malware. This program effectively prevents malicious software from gaining access to your files and hackers from stealing personal information stored on your computer. As a result, you will have a protected online experience. Plus, it won’t interfere with any of the game files. As a result, you will not have to worry about any hiccups or delays while playing.

Launch The Game File With Admin Privileges

It is also advised that the game executable be launched with administrator privileges on a Windows PC to ensure that User Account Controls (UAC) permit the necessary access. The computer can flag your attempt to launch the game if it thinks you are attempting to bypass its permissions. You need to go through this procedure once every round.

Refresh Your Display Drivers

To ensure there is no pending update on your end, you should check for and install the most recent version of the graphics driver on your Windows PC. An out-of-date or nonexistent driver may disrupt the functionality of graphics-intensive applications. Therefore, to:

  • Simply by right clicking the Start button, you may access this menu.
  • To access it, choose Device Manager from the menu.
  • At this point, you may expand the Display adapters section by double-clicking on it.
  • The software will probe for updates mechanically.
  • The most recent version will be downloaded and installed without user intervention if one is available.
  • After making any modifications, a PC restart is required to take effect.

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