How To Fix UNCHARTED Legacy Of Thieves Screen Crashing &; Stuck On Loading Screen

How To Fix UNCHARTED Legacy Of Thieves Screen Crashing & Stuck On Loading Screen? There are two fantastic entries in the Uncharted series, and they’re both now available on PC in the compilation titled Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves.

To lessen the frequency of PC crashes in Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves, try the following.

Check-out Tech Requirements

Before making any hasty judgments, check out the minimum system requirements. The game may not start or run properly on your computer if it does not meet the system requirements.

Starting The Game In Admin Mode To Fix UNCHARTED Legacy Of Thieves

  • Playing the game as an administrator is strongly suggested. In addition to removing Windows interference, this has been proven effective by several users.
  • Initiate Steam, and then go to your library
  • Use the right mouse button to choose “Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves” from this list.
  • To access the Administration Panel, click the Manage button.
  • Then decide on Check out stuff in the house directory
  • Properties may be accessed by right-clicking the u4.exe file.
  • To check for compatibility, choose the appropriate tab.
  • Tick the box next to “Run this software as an administrator”

The Need For More Virtual Memory

Virtual memory is a solution that pools RAM with swap file storage on the hard drive. The default capacity of the virtual memory may not be sufficient for your requirements. Therefore, you may need to raise it manually if you find yourself running out of physical RAM.

  • To access the advanced options menu, hit the Windows key on your computer and enter “advanced.”
  • Choose the View advanced settings option to access the more complex system options.
  • To modify, go to the Settings menu, choose the Advanced tab, and then click the Change button.
  • The option to “Automatically manage page file size for all drives” should be deselected.
  • Choose your computer’s C: disc (or the partition where Windows is installed) > Select the Custom size menu item, then enter 4096 in both the Original height (MB) and Max size (MB) fields (MB).

Update Your Graphics Card Drivers

Ensure you have the most recent patch version of the graphics driver installed on your Windows machine.

Stop Extraneous Background Processes To Fix UNCHARTED Legacy Of Thieves

To prevent further use of system resources, you may also try closing any unwanted background processes on your computer. To finish off lingering tasks:

  • To access the Task Manager, use the combination of Control, Shift, and Escape.
  • Choose the process you want to terminate by clicking on the Processes tab.
  • When you are ready, choose the option to terminate the current task. Be careful to carry out each procedure in its own right.
  • Simply restarting the computer will bring the desired results soon after you have finished the necessary steps.

Turning Off Any Overlay Applications May Help

A few widely used applications seem to have native overlay software that may operate on the side and ultimately create gameplay or even startup difficulties.

Checking Game Data To Fix UNCHARTED Legacy Of Thieves

If the game files get damaged or go missing, you may quickly check for the problem using this approach.

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