How to Fix Tower of Fantasy Keeps Crashing on PC in 2022

Level Infinite and Hotta Studio just launched one action-adventure huge multiplayer virtual role-playing game or HMVRPG named ‘Tower of Fantasy‘. It does not charge any cost to play and gives its players an experience of Sci-Fi gaming based on anime. Though the name is doing genuinely pretty well in its primary stages, a couple of problems are bothering many players. One of them is the issue of Tower of Fantasy keeps crashing on PC. The players who are affected by this problem are getting more and more annoyed.

If the reader also comes across the same problem, they must go through this troubleshooting column to solve it. Talking about the issue of this game not launching or startup crashing, most PC online games are vulnerable to such an issue because of specific conflicts with the PC. As per a bunch of online reports, many players are coming across issues regarding the crash while launching this game on their PC. Fortunately, we will talk about many fixes to repair the issue regarding startup crashes.

The Reasons Of Crashing

Many potential causes can be pointed out regarding the crashing issue. The readers must check them out below. Apart from the bugs in the game, there are high possibilities that there are a couple of issues or conflicts with the computer from the player’s end. Those can trouble them more than other aspects. However, when they attempt to concentrate on the given causes, then they can be capable of resolving this matter properly. We have mentioned each of the applicable causes below that can trigger Tower of Fantasy keeps crashing on PC in 2022:

  1. Issues regarding compatibility with the specification of a PC.
  2. An old version of this game.
  3. An old launcher of this game.
  4. An old graphics driver.
  5. Issues with the version of DirectX.
  6. Not necessary tasks are running in the background.
  7. Software of Firewall and anti-virus blocking.
  8. The issues regarding Startup apps.
  9. The issues regarding Visual C++ Redistributables by Microsoft.
  10. Overclocked GPU or CPU.
  11. Issues with the applications of Overlay.

Fixing the continuous crashing of Tower of Fantasy 

Now it is time to dive into the troubleshooting methods as the readers know the causes. They must go through each of the steps below until they resolve the issue. So let us dive into it without draining any more moments. 

  1. Check out the requirements of the system.
  2. Run this game as one admin.
  3. Deactivate fullscreen optimizations.
  4. Upgrade the GPU Driver.
  5. Upgrade the Windows.
  6. Force utilizes the specific GPU.
  7. Close any unnecessary tasks running in the background.
  8. Fix the gaming files.
  9. Upgrade Tower of Fantasy.
  10. Switch off any third-party applications of an overlay.
  11. Switch off the software of antivirus or firewall.
  12. Adjust the option of power management.13. Reinstall Visual C++ Runtime by Microsoft.
  13. Perform one clean boot.
  14. Restore the default to Overclocked GPU or CPU.

This is the concluding point of this column on fixing the issues of Tower of Fantasy keeps crashing on PC in 2022. Readers. We hope it helps you.

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