How To Fix Touchscreen Not Working On Nothing Phone 1 Issue

How To Fix Touchscreen Not Working On Nothing Phone 1 Issue? Many times each day, you touch the screen of your phone. Unfortunately, touchscreens on smartphones are notoriously fragile, so it’s no wonder they’re one of the most often failing parts.

However, a hardware breakdown is not the only explanation for a non-responsive touch screen on an Android device. You may do several things before taking your phone into a repair shop if the touchscreen often stops responding or doesn’t operate. If the touchscreen on your Android device is malfunctioning, try the solutions below.

Wipe The Computer Screen Clean

Sometimes grime builds up on a touch screen, rendering it unresponsive. However, the situation can be handled. First, use a lint-free cloth to remove the grime. You may use it, whether dry or wet, although submerging in water is not recommended.

Hard Reset To Fix Touchscreen Not Working

It’s possible that a simple reboot won’t help with such a complex problem. However, this is generally among the most effective methods to restore functionality to an Android device’s touch screen that has become unresponsive. In addition, if a crashing background service causes your problem, restarting your phone should fix it.

Fix Nothing Phone 1’s Malfunctioning Touchscreen By Entering Safe Mode

Fixing software problems may need a creative approach if standard methods fail. For example, setting Nothing Phone 1 into safe mode might fix the touch screen problem if a third-party program is causing it. This is a fundamental process. All you have to do is press and hold down the power switch for a few seconds.

Keep pressing the button until the power button is unresponsive. Select OK in the alert box to complete the reboot into safe mode. The meeting is over. You have entered safe mode, which prevents the use of any further software. No miracle has occurred if your touchscreen suddenly began functioning. Unfortunately, a problem with the third-party program you installed requires your attention. Try uninstalling your most recent downloads to identify and remove the offending program.

Resetting Nothing Phone 1 To Factory Settings Will Solve The Touchscreen’s Failure To Respond

The last resort might be to restore Nothing Phone 1 to its factory settings through a hard reset if nothing else has been successful. Your information will be deleted, and the device will be reset to its original settings. Nonetheless, it will make the Nothing Phone 1 serviceable, and you will find yourself often using the touch screen.

Again, the procedure is relatively easy. By simultaneously pushing the volume up & power keys, you may turn off your Smartphone. When prompted, choose the option to turn off the power. Next, press the sound up & power buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds. You will enter recovery mode once a Nothing logo appears on the screen. Using the power button, choose Wipe data/factory reset now.

If the touch screen on the Nothing Phone 1 still isn’t working after trying these solutions, it’s time to call an official repair shop. In any case, this is the critical component of your gadget that ought to be safeguarded.

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