How To Fix Thrustmaster TMX Not Working On PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

How To Fix Thrustmaster TMX Not Working On PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S? It’s no secret that many popular auto racing games, both PC and console versions, suffer from many problems and malfunctions. For example, you can have trouble driving with a Thrustmaster TMX steering wheel.

However, there are situations when Thrustmaster TMX accessories do not function correctly on PC and Xbox. If your Thrustmaster TMX isn’t responding to one of these consoles, this article will teach you how to repair it. The repair for each gadget will be mentioned individually.

With a Thrustmaster wheel controller, you can show off your driving talents in video game car races. Unfortunately, since its debut, the Thrustmaster TMX has been plagued by technical difficulties for gamers all around the globe who use it to play racing games on platforms such as Xbox One and PC.

Change The Port

The port you’re using may be incompatible with your Thrustmaster TMX. The Thrustmaster TMX may be used with a separate computer USB port. After installing the new driver for your Thrustmaster, please restart your computer and try connecting the device to a different USB port.

The Thrustmaster TMX Needs An Update

The current edition of the Thrustmaster TMX wheel driver is the only thing you can perform on a PC. Thrustmaster TMX issues new drivers with updated features and compatibility for newly published games with each new game.

Shut Off The Source Of Steam

If Steam isn’t picking up your Thrustmaster wheel controller, you may force it to stop trying by turning off Steam’s input capability.

To disable the Steam input on the Thrustmaster TMX, go to the Steam properties menu, pick the controller, and click the Steam input button. You should now see whether Steam has detected your wheel. It has to be a selection on the menu.

Troubleshooting The Thrustmaster TMX Controller’s Incompatibility With The Xbox One

There is a remote possibility that your Thrustmaster TMX gaming controller is linked to your Xbox One and is not functioning. Therefore, it’s essential to double-check that your Xbox One controller isn’t already linked before you start using the Thrustmaster TMX since it is the racing wheel controller.

Perform A Wheel Calibration

You have just performed a cold reboot of the system. Now plug in your Thrustmaster TMX and calibrate the wheel to teach your console how to interpret the movements of your hands. To do this, please follow the instructions below.

Fixing The Thrustmaster TMX Controller’s Incompatibility With Xbox One X|S

Those with an Xbox One X or Xbox One S have reported trouble syncing the Thrustmaster TMX. However, you may attempt to solve this problem with your X/S series in several different methods.

Facilitating Thrustmaster TMX Use

Let’s pretend you’re gaming wheel isn’t doing anything for you. If you have any issues with your Thrustmaster wheel, assistance is available. Send a ticket or complaint on their website. Those numbers are also available for your use.

The Thrustmaster TMX is a racing wheel designed specifically for video games. Simulating the impact of bumps and drifts on the steering wheel provides a more authentic driving experience.

During a game, having your wheel malfunction is a significant source of frustration for any player. Unfortunately, there is no gaming wheel problem that this article’s troubleshooting guide can’t solve.

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