How to fix the Xiaomi Poco F4 or F4 GT not connecting to PC?

Poco is the sub-brand of Xiaomi. This brand launched the F4 GT and FT by Poco in 2022. These mobile devices belong to the segment of mid-range premium Android smartphones. In a lot of ways, they can also become one flagship killer. At the same time, many mobile device users like to connect their smartphones to their computers or laptop for sinking cloud information, flashing files, data transfer, and so much more. But many users are coming across the issue of Xiaomi Poco F4 or F4 GT not connecting to PC. If the reader is also one of the sufferers, then they do not have to worry.

Because we will share one simple column to avoid issues regarding PC connectivity with the Android smartphone of Poco, now our readers can ask the potential causes behind such one problem.

Because it is arriving more than one time and again and again. If, in a scenario, an individual attempts to connect their mobile device to their PC by one USB cable. But it does not get connected, and the computer cannot find it. Then there might be a couple of potential reasons that an individual must check out in this discourse below.

Why is the Xiaomi Poco F4 or F4 GT not connecting to PC?

Bluntly speaking, every affected user can encounter this problem for many different reasons. However, in the vast majority of cases, it is a problem with a flawed USB data cable, or USB data cable that is not compatible, problems regarding the connectivity ports of the USB on the PC, a missing or incorrect USB driver on a PC, wrong connection type of the USB on a handset, and so much more. Each of them is pretty typical reasons.

Now, in the absence of draining moments, let us dive into the steps below to fix the Xiaomi Poco F4 or F4 GT not connecting to PC.

How to fix a Xiaomi Poco F4 GT or F4 when not connecting to a PC?

We have already told our readers the probable reasons they can go through the troubleshooting methods below. They must not skip any step until their issue gets fixed.

  • Activating USB Debugging

Often users just connect the mobile device to their PC for operating ADB commands or flashing files via their PC. In this case, just picking out the default configuration of USB is not going to be enough for their handset sometimes. Debugging the USB gives communication with a PC and the mobile device for operating the commands of Android SDK to flash folders. It can even perform other more improved jobs by the advanced users and the developers. 

  • Conducting Reset Settings On A Device

When the above-mentioned is not helping the user. Then they have to make sure to conduct a reset setting on their device to understand whether the issue has been resolved. Resetting their device set to factory default can arrive in handy.

There you have it, readers. We assume our guide on fixing Xiaomi Poco F4 or F4 GT not connecting to PC. 

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