How to Fix The Last of Us Part 1 Screen Flickering and Tearing on PS5

The first part of Last of Us is one successful prequel of The Last of Us launched in the year 2013. Sony Interactive Entertainment and Naughty Dog, and Sony Interactive Entertainment titled it. This lets players get one marvelous action-adventure gaming experience along with improved control, phenomenal visuals, and much more. It is one faithful recreation for the fifth console of PlayStation. However, the possibility is that a couple of players will come across the issue of The Last of Us Part 1 Screen Flickering and Tearing on PS5.

Now, the reader is also one of the sufferers then. They can follow our troubleshooting column to solve it. A couple of proud users of the PS5 console can be surprised that even one powerful and advanced gaming console present in the family of PlayStation is coming across a bunch of issues with this video game. However, this video game may be, in one way or another, having an issue with the incorrect settings or firmware. That can trouble the player a lot. So, in the absence of draining any more moments, let us dive into it.

Fixing The Issue Of The Last of Us Part 1 Screen Flickering & Tearing 

According to a ton of online commentary, it looks like the 1st Part Of The Last Of Us game is coming across the issues of tearing and screen flickering. Because of the conflict related to the game file on the fifth console of the PlayStation. Fortunately, there are a couple of possible way-outs we will mention below. Those must solve this issue for the players. However, they must go through each way out until this trouble is repaired. Even one easy way out can assist them in fixing the issue of The Last of Us Part 1 Screen Flickering and Tearing on PS5.

  • Update the Firmware of the 5th PS to fox The Last of Us Part 1 Screen Flickering

An individual must always look out for any system update of their fifth PlayStation because one old version of the firmware will trouble them a lot regarding the program running and performance. If one upgrade is accessible, they have to introduce it.

  • Check for the Update of the TV or Monitor Firmware 

Suppose any individual has not upgraded the firmware of their television or monitor for a long time. Then the possibilities are high that the firmware of the display device becomes old enough to generate a bunch of conflicts whatsoever. Even though television or monitor devices do not get frequent updates, a couple of particular gaming series or models can be exceptions. Most famous manufacturers provide periodic software bug fixes along with upgrades on these eligible monitors and TVs.

  • Rebuild Database of PS5 or PS5

Often rebuilding the database of a console can also rapidly solve the issue associated with the system.

So this brings our reader to the concluding part of this column on repairing all the issues of The Last of Us Part 1 Screen Flickering and Tearing on PS5. We sincerely hope our way out works in favor of our readers.

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