How to Fix The Last of Us Part 1 Crashing or Not Loading on PS5

A couple of days ago, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Naughty Dog launched the first part of The Last of Us. That is a remake of the title of The Last of Us in the year of 2013. It offers one incredible gaming experience filled with adventure and action in the presence of improved story exploration, combat, and control mode. Unfortunately, even though it is one faithful game for the 5th console of PlayStation, it seems that The Last of Us Part 1 crashing or not loading on PS5 unexpectedly irritates many players.

Now, if The Reader is also one of the sufferers of such a problem, they must go through this troubleshooting column to repair it. Now, one can think that even when their fifth PlayStation console is efficient enough, why is this game constantly crashing when they are launching it? But problems with the cache of this game, internet connectivity, or installation can conflict in the vast majority of the cases. Frequently old console firmware, scratched or dirty gaming discs and issues regarding hard drives can also disturb a player.

How to Fix The Last of Us Part 1 Crashing or Not Loading on PS5

A bunch of negatively affected players are saying that the first part of The Last of Us game is not starting for PlayStation Now subscribers. As per a bunch of online reports on the subreddit forum called PlayStation Now. Even post rebooting, this game did not work. But a couple of players noticed that disconnecting the fifth PlayStation console from the internet temporarily solved this problem. So, an individual can anticipate that there might be one conflict present with the blocking of IPS. But, somehow, it is troubling and generates the issue of not launching or crashing.

Luckily, we have given our readers some potential troubleshooting methods. Of course, those must arrive in handy. But they have to ensure they are not missing any step until the issue of The Last of Us Part 1 crashing is fixed. So, in the absence of draining any more moments, let us hop on to it.

  1. Boot the console of PS 5.
  2. Check out the status of PSN.
  3. Check out the internet connection.
  4. Check out any updates for the 1st part of The Last of Us.
  5. Power cycle the Wi-Fi router.
  6. Check out the network settings of PS 5.
  7. Check any system update for PS 5.
  8. Log into the account again. 
  9. Restore the store licenses of PlayStation.
  10. Clear the game data of the 1st part of The Last of Us.
  11. Restore the default settings.
  12. Build a Database of PS4 or PS5 again. 
  13. Do not put the rest mode in.
  14. Open the PSN ports on the Wi-Fi Router.
  15. Element Part 1 of The Last of Us.

Suppose none of the workarounds mentioned above worked for any individual. Then they have to communicate with the support team PlayStation for further help. They can also generate one take it of support for the same. So they can give the needed details to look into this issue properly. And that is it, readers. We assume our guide on fixing The Last of Us Part 1 crashing or not loading on PS 5 was useful to you.

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