How to fix Temtem keeps crashing on startup on PC

With the release of Temtem, Humble Games and Crema has accomplished something remarkable. It’s a massively multiplayer online game where players may take on different roles and acquire fantastical creatures. It’s playable on the Switch by Nintendo, Xbox One X, PlayStation 5, and Windows. Players must explore the beautiful Airborne Archipelago in the company of their Temtem crew in search of adventure. All Temtem are in this area, and the tamers have a lot to do to capture them, including fending off other tamers and other challenges. However, a few gamers are experiencing the problem that Temtem keeps crashing

If the reader has the same issue while trying to run the Temtem game file on their machine, this article will help. Then they may relax since we have provided them with viable solutions to the problem. We should also point out that the problem with this game failing to run or beginning to crash has been constantly familiar to PC gamers over the last couple of years. They are caused by incompatibilities between the game and the computer’s software or hardware or by programming errors inside the game itself. It follows that there is pointless data included in these failed starts.

Why Temtem keeps crashing?

It seems that Temtem crashes the PC rather often. There is a wide range of possible causes for it to occur. You’ll find a rundown of each of them below. First, a person must ensure they peek at them. After that, they may go at the troubleshooting techniques. Computer compatibility concerns, as well as hardware and software-related issues, are a common source of frustration for gamers.

  • The software of firewall or antivirus blocks the gaming file.
  • Issues regarding the application of Startup.
  • Issues regarding the Visual C++ Redistributables by Microsoft.
  • Overclocked GPU or CPU.
  • Issues regarding the applications of Overlay.
  • Issues regarding the compatibility of the specification of a computer.
  • An old version of this game.
  • An old launcher of this game.
  • Old graphics drivers.
  • Issues regarding the performance of DirectX.
  • Unnecessary tasks are running in the background.

The reader has a good idea of what may be causing the machine to fail at startup while trying to play Temtem. It is time to descend towards the exits immediately. The people need to work their way through all of the options sequentially. Temtem continues crashing till this issue is fixed. Fixing the Temtem keeps crashing usually requires trying one of the most obvious workarounds. Without further ado, therefore, let us enter it.

  1. Close all the unnecessary tasks running in the background. 
  2. Repair the gaming files.
  3. Upgrade the game.
  4. Switch off any third-party applications of Overlay.
  5. Switch off the software of antivirus or Windows firewall.
  6. Adjust the options of power management.
  7. Reinstall Visual C++ Runtime by Microsoft.
  8. Perform one clean Boot.
  9. Restore default to CPU or GPU that is overclocked.
  10. Check out the requirements of the system.
  11. Run this game as one admin.
  12. Deactivate fullscreen optimizations.
  13. Upgrade GPU Driver.
  14. Upgrade Windows.
  15. Forcefully utilize the specific GPU. 

That is all the workaround methods we had to fix the issue of Temtem keeps Crashing on Startup on PC. 

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