How To Fix Stranded Deep Multiplayer Not Working On PC, PS4, PS5 & Xbox Consoles

How to fix stranded deep multiplayer not working on pc, ps4, ps5 & xbox consoles? Australian developer Beam Team Games created the survival game Stranded Deep. The game’s original PS4 & Xbox One release date was April 21st, 2020. However, its early access version was released in 2015 on Linux, macOS, & Windows. At the beginning of the game, an aircraft crashes into the Pacific, and a lone survivor makes his way there. Players assume the character of this sole island survivor and must overcome some of the island’s most complex challenges to make it out alive.

Many users have complained that with the latest update, the Stranded Deep PC game is stuck just on the loading screen and cannot be launched or played. If you’re experiencing difficulties playing Stranded Deep, something may be wrong with your PC. Fortunately, we have provided a handful of potential solutions to the Stranded Deep loading screen issue.

Verify The Current Server State

It has always been suggested that you double-check the gaming software before drawing any other conclusion. Intermittent or prolonged difficulties in connecting to a server are most often the result of a server being down for repairs or routine maintenance. If this isn’t addressed, many concurrent users attempting to access the game may cause a connection problem. If you want the latest information, you can follow the official Twitter account for The Stranded Deep (@TheStrandedDeep).

Wait a couple more hours and give the multiplayer mode another go if you encounter a server problem. Depending on the server’s nature or the outage location, this might take a few days. The team should make this clear on their official Twitter page if this is the case. That’s why you need to keep a close eye on it. The following procedure may be used if there is no service outage or maintenance problem.

Expand Your Computer’s Virtual Memory

Combining RAM with swap space on the hard drive is what we mean by “virtual memory.” However, the default capacity of your memory space may not be sufficient for your requirements. Therefore, you may need to raise it manually if you find yourself running out of physical RAM—type “advanced system settings” after pressing the Windows key on the keyboard.

  • Access your system’s finer granularities by selecting View advanced settings
  • To change your preferences, go to the “Settings” menu. Then, select the “Advanced” menu > The tab Change should be clicked.
  • Ensure that the option next to automatically adjust the paging size of the file for all discs is unchecked.
  • Find the C: disc [where Windows is stored] > Select the Custom size and click the Options button. Enter 4096 for both the Original capacity (MB) and Maximum limit (MB) text boxes (MB).

Always Use The Most Recent Driver Version Available For Your Devices

Updating the PC’s device drivers is another easy way to resolve various system performance problems that may affect any application. When device drivers become outdated or damaged, they may cause significant issues.

  • To access the Convenience Menu, right-click just on the Start button.
  • The Device Manager option should be selected from the menu.
  • Double-click on the appropriate subheading to see the full selection of available device drivers. [Like Video card drivers, network card drivers, etc.]
  • After that, choose Update driver from the context menu that appears when you right-click the device.
  • Select the automatically scan for driver updates option.
  • It will be grabbed and installed without user intervention if an update is available.

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