How To Fix “SIM Not Supported Bug In Apple Iphone 14?

How To Fix “SIM Not Supported Bug In Apple Iphone 14? iPhone users were thrilled about iOS 16’s exciting new features, including new haptic response for the keyboard, screen lock customizations, and more, when it first launched in the middle of September. But, unfortunately, annoying issues often accompany smartphone OS changes.

According to reports, the “SIM Not Supported” pop-up notifications on the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max cause the device to freeze completely. Apple is looking at the problem right now.

SIM Not Supported Bug In Apple Iphone 14

In a message to its retail workers obtained by MacRumors, Apple recognizes that certain users of the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max may experience the “SIM Not Supported” problem. As a result, the device can freeze and need to be restarted when the problem first appears.

The message stresses that “users should maintain their technology up to date” while acknowledging that Apple is “investigating” the issue.

Apple recommends that users spend a few moments to see if the warning goes away while the inquiry continues. Apple advises in the message that customers shouldn’t try to restore a device if it doesn’t.

How To Fix “SIM Not Supported Bug

  • Regarding this, the verdict is yet out. There will undoubtedly be other patches for iOS 16’s various issues in iOS 16.1. However, we will be amazed if the update does not fix this specific irritation with the SIM not being detected.
  • Even, by the way, Apple, how is your work-from-home endeavour going? Is the quality assurance staff still confined to their homes with outdated technology and iOS 12?
  • If not, it certainly feels like the way! It does not matter whether the pandemic and “the entire work-from-home thing” are to blame for your software’s poor quality.

Bugs And Esims

Even though the iPhone 14 lineup introduction has gone relatively well, it has not been flawless.The iPhone 14 Pro was released with a bizarre bug that caused camera vibrations in specific third-party applications, including TikTok and Twitter. Other issues included a lack of call and app alerts, low microphone volume via CarPlay, and a faster-than-expected battery loss for some users.

Most of these problems were fixed with the iOS 16.0.3 update. However, the most recent SIM issue seems to have escaped detection. In the following weeks, Apple is anticipated to release iOS 16.1, a more comprehensive upgrade to iOS 16 that should hopefully fix the SIM problem.

Regarding the iPhone 14 lineup specifically, it is Apple’s first significant foray into eSIM, a switch from Mobile physical networks to digital ones that are enabled on the handset with a network operator.

A user may maintain up to eight SIM cards and two unique phone numbers on a device simultaneously using eSIM technology. But some individuals, especially regular travellers, claim this might lead to problems switching SIM cards fast for local area networks when travelling.

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