How to fix Seagate external hard drive not working issue?

Is the Seagate external hard drive not operating, unable to identify by windows, or not responding? It is essential to correct one not using an external USB hard drive by Seagate at that same time when it comes to recovering critical information from that hard drive. Here in this column, our experts are going to offer the users of Seagate in the presence of one guide for workable troubleshooting and a solution for data recovery.

Seagate’s external USB hard drive is not operating; is it displaying up?

Seagate is one massive company for hard drive storage. This brand is preferred by consumers all around the globe. Most individuals prefer to utilize one external hard drive by Seagate in the presence of 500 GB, 1 TB, and even 2 TB, for instance, as their backup drives. 

Each big company has its problems after long-term utilization. Especially in the presence of often proper utilization. Such as bundled software incompatible with one new operating system, one connection on numerous computers, ejection, which is not safe for physical vibration, and so much more. As an outcome, Seagate’s external USB hard drive is no longer operating. 

When one external or hard drive is not operating, it indicates that the user can not utilize it for preserving fresh data and cannot even enter the current data. So, to repair one not operating a Seagate external hard drive in the absence of losing data. Then the user must understand quite correctly how to check the issue, repair damage from different levels, and in which situations the user will come across data loss.

Basic troubleshooting

Our experts are going to address this problem step by step. They are going to start from basic checking to improved troubleshooting. First and foremost, if the connected external hard drive by Seagate is not identified or not popping up in the Explorer by windows, then the user must attempt these fundamental steps for troubleshooting mentioned below.

  1. Alter one port of USB on the computer. 
  2. Alter one other data cable when possible.
  3. Is there one other PC nearby? Attach the drive to any other PC.
  4. Check if the external hard drive by Seagate light is flickering or not. No light indicates its power adapter is not correctly attached to power.
  5. Alter one power outlet when no light is activated, or maybe the user is required to plug in their power adapter straight to their wall outlet.

After a couple of fundamental troubleshooting, when the hard drive is not displaying again, then the user does not have to be required to stress much about misplacing data. Yet they must not forget to back the data from their hard drive up before it is too late; there are a bunch of applications for backup that permit one immediate come for backup at 0 costs on schedule.

Advanced troubleshooting

When there is no success with the basic troubleshooting, the user should move on to the next fix to make their external hard drive by Seagate display in Windows and operate as usual. In that scenario, they were required to opt for exploring their storage device present in the Device Manager.

When a user has exhausted each of the Windows advanced troubleshooting processes and their Seagate external hard drive is not detected or accessible, for further help, communicate with Seagate support.

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